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1- Coming together

Once the holy gods found out about the unholy gods creating relics under the powers of the Conjunction, they held council. They needed to make holy relics that would oppose those three terrible tokens of power.
They would work together on three holy relics: AngelHeart, SilverAwn and ShadowStorm- two blades and one large jewel.

From the heights of Mount Celestia in the Tri-Heavens of Paradise, an uncut, many faceted gemstone the size of a honey melon was found by the goddess Ivory and her angelics.
Ivory of the white heart of patience, purity and prudence, picked the stone for its beauty: mostly translucent, with a pinkish core, the mineral itself is called, cyrium, or 'god-glass'.

Upon the plane of Bliss in the Tri-Heavens the holy god of freedom, courage and battle, roamed, searching his vault from the highest mountain peak to the bottom of its ocean. What he finally discovered and unearthed was a piece of null-steel, or 'god-metal'. It was quite large, a piece worthy of a great holy sword. It took all his godly might to extract it and bear it home to his Palace of Free Souls.
Steel was angry, for Chrome had taken one of his most faithful and devout, tearing out his soul and corrupting it, forever altering his worshipper. Steel was wroth, and this piece of god-steel would help him free that trapped soul. Somehow, someway, someday.

Virtue needed something equal to his truth, honour and righteousness along with the seven virtues- H.E.L.P.I.N.G. (Humility, Empathy, Love, Perseverance, Integrity, Necessity, Gladness) at its core.
As he pondered upon this dilemma, he realized that they would have a problem equaling those three unholy relics due to the power of the Conjunction used in their making.
Virtue put those thoughts aside while he left his Garden of Eden, walking into the sacred hall, to his own magnificent throne where he sat down. Virtue thought for a long while, his fingers tapping upon the arm of the seat. The sound of his tapping had him lazily look down and that's when it came to him. The throne is of null-steel, and has been infused with his own virtuous presence for centuries.
With a joyous laugh, Virtue stood up, reached out lifting up his entire throne. With such might only a god could possess, he proceeded to bend, crush and press the null-steel together; eventually rolling it into a large ball.

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