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Planet Aquidis. Home to a race of sentient water formations that have taken on the human shape, both inwardly and outwardly. Broken up into two tribes, the Korohcee tribe indians reside on the right side of the planet while their enemies, the Chepaa tribe indians, occupy the left. For decades, the two tribes battled viciously for territory but only manage to stalemate. This is the tale of the princess of the Korohcee tribe, Raviauntris. Hailing from the Krystis family, she and her royal relatives are the only known members of the Aquidian race with the natural ability to freeze as well as unfreeze water at will. This valuable trait gives the Korohcee tribe a slight edge against their Chepaa counterparts. Experience the story of this young adult princess as she weighs her royal duties and the lust for combat on a set of scales when a new threat emerges from the icy cold shadows of Planet Aquidis... Part of the SARTAM universe.

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Unnatural Elements

It was the dead of night as I stood outside in the icy cold tundra, far away from Korohcee Village. Everyone was asleep, and Ekateriko, my personal, was acting as my body double in my royal bedroom after I snuck out of my royal teepee. The sheer amount of excitement that my body felt was joyous.

I was dressed in my black royal nightgown as I saw a formation of water swin its way to me from a distance. I was not scared, knowing all too well who it was. My mentor...

For you see, I longed for the experience of battle. As Raviauntris Krystis, the princess of the Korohcee Tribe, I was to oversee the warriors of our clan as we fought from territorial ground all over the planet of Aquidis. However, most of our fighters are the males of the tribe and never the women. I do have the grace of being guarded by the royal maidens that the queen, my dear mother, had assigned to me, but they do not possess the same caliber of strength as our male warriors do. At least, not how I do...

Every night, I would sneak away from the village and harness the strength of my destined path of the F.L.A.W. of nature. Each of the paths, which are fire, lighting, air, and water, are abilities that the forces of the universe bestow on select races across the solar system, my path obviously being water. Not only do I have mastery over water and its many forms, but I have the natural born ability to freeze and unfreeze any liquid at will since I am of the legendary Krystis family...

As I saw the water formation morph into the shape of an elderly woman, I balled up both of my hands into fists as I had them at my sides, cracking each of my fingers. I could not contain my excitement.

"A lovely evening, isn't it, Auntris?" The woman said in a soft, gentle voice as she looked up at the clear sky and full moon.

"The moon's out in full force tonight, your majesty. Are you sure you want to learn advanced techniques on a night like this?"

"And go back to performing my boring, royal duties. Gosh, no. I would much rather this." I responded, getting into my fighting stance.

"Oh ho, dearie!" My mentor said while raising her right index finger up and wagging it side to side.

"You can NOT do your training in your royal garb! Lucky for you, I made you an outfit just for this occasion..."

I watched as the elderly woman reached up and pulled off what I thought was a fancy looking scarf off from around her neck. After flapping it a few times, she then tossed it over to me and allowed the wind to carry it. As the clothing gently floated to me, I stared on in absolute awe...

Upon catching them into right open right hand, I basked in the beauty of the black top, left armband, and matching colored leggings. What really made me happy was the teal colored tribal dressing that I immediately put on around my waist right after dressing in my new outfit. I could not stop giving myself once overs, thoroughly appreciating my new look...

"You like, your majesty?" My elderly mentor asked with clear happiness in her voice.

"I made sure to make your tribal dressing look as Korohcee as possible. I hope you like it..."

"Oh, I do!" I said back to her, smiling sweetly as I rubbed the fabric of my dressing with the palms of my hands.

"I appreciate it very much!"

Right as I tilt my head up to look at my mentor, my eyes suddenly saw a large stream of water flying directly towards me! Thinking quickly, I performed a cartwheel to the right and successfully dodged the sudden attack. Upon landing on my feet, though, I saw that the elderly woman had her right hand extended out towards me while standing in an offensive posture.

"You're too easily distracted, Auntris!" She yelled over to me as a large sphere of water began to build up in the air above her head.

"You almost had me there, Qwontiko." I replied as I got into my fighting stance.

"You will not get me like that again..."

I watched as my mentor smiled, readying her next water style attack before ultimately battling through the moonlit night...

In the morning...

Qwontiko and I talked passionately about our kinship as we walked back to Korohcee Village. Even though she was from the Chepaa tribe, this village elder was determined to pass on her teachings and skills over to a young prodigy as myself. I happily embraced the opportunity, humbly grateful to Qwontiko for her time...

"I thank you for these quality opportunities to pass on your knowledge and skills to me, madam Tiko." I said to her as she walked at my left side.

"I am surprised you would train an enemy from your rivaling village..."

"I don't see you as a foe, Auntris." She told me as we arrive right outside of my village.

"The Chepaa tribe does. And have lost their way. Your people still embrace the own ways and still allow nature to guide you with your 'F.L.A.W.'. Mine on the other hand have become amateur shaman and quack witch doctors. Placators to something not of this world. And if my vision is correct, the Krystl princess mastering her the inner and outer paths of water will be our race's salvation..."

As I took in Qwontiko's words, I felt a wave of determination wash all along my body. I, Raviauntris Krystis, could be the savior of not only my people but also the entire Aquidian race? The mere thought of battle made me want to hone my water path abilities to a much sharper edge! However, my elderly mentor noticed the look in my eyes and made sure to quell those feelings...

"My dear Auntris..." She said to me with a deep level of sadness in her voice as I felt her right hand rest upon my left shoulder.

"I'm afraid that last night was the final time I could train with you. If we continue these secret meetings, our tribes would surely..."

Without warning, several water formations began to materialize into males behind Qwontiko and frightened the two of us greatly. Before we could even say anything, one of the men immediately created a vase using ice from the frozen terrian ground below and then pointed his right index and middle fingers at my mentor.

"QWONTIKO!" He yelled at her as I looked over at her, seeing her expressionless face.


"I WILL NOT GO BACK TO THAT DISRESPECTFUL TRIBE!" Qwontiko shouted back at the group of men, who were shrouded in black hooded robes and silver colored masks on their faces.


Before she could finish her statement, the man who continued to point his right index and middle fingers at my mentor moved his corresponding hand toward the vase made entirely of ice. He then slowly raised his pointed fingers upward and to my shock, a stream of light blue flame emerged from it! I then looked at Qwontiko, who had pure horror on her face...

"THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!" She shouted at the man in utter desperation.


"A breakthrough." He said calmly as the light blue flames danced in the air and matched the movement of his two fingers.

"Cheif Zeero achieved this excellent power. The power of Fice. A fire that burns in water and sears its victim at twice the rate. Its mere existence proves that your knowledge of the F.L.A.W.s of nature is not as concrete as you believed..."

Growing in extremely desperate, I watched as Qwontiko assumed her fighting stance. I then followed suite, only to be denied this chance to help my mentor...

"Auntris." She said to me worryingly.

"You can't fight these warriors. If you injure any of them, they'll simply declare war on all the people of Korohcee and kill everyone. Don't risk their innocent lives. Let me go..."

As I stood in my fighting stance, I began to cry. Seeing no other way, I turned and ran back to my village to process what had happened just now. However, I stopped in place after hearing the roaring of flames as well as a bloodcurdling scream of agony...

"T-Tiko?" I stuttered out while attempting to turn my head back.

"I wouldn't if I were you, Auntris..." I heard a male voice say to me. Tears began to fall from my face.

"W-What did you..."

Before I could even finish my question, the warriors from my tribe came rushing out of their teepees to my aid as they see the shrouded men standing eerily behind me. As they ran past me to pursue them, all of the men had transformed into water and swam away at incredible speeds. It was only then that I turned around and saw the unimaginable...

Lying on the icy ground was Qwontiko's tribal dress. However, there were blue flames lit upon it. I could only assume she was burned alive.

"Tiko..." I thought to myself, crying into one of the Korohcee warriors shoulders for my secret mentor.

It was on this day that I sought revenge on the Chepaa tribe and against their leader, Cheif Zeero...

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