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1- Secrets revealed

In the depths of the gloom-wrought Horror-Fell, the unholy goddess Jett fumed, sitting rigidly on her Dead-Bone Throne. Her cold, unforgiving eyes stared into her pool of secret shadows before the throne.

"My two brothers forget that all secrets are laid bare before me. Am I not the dark goddess of secrets? Still, them not informing me, PISSES ME OFF!" She was screaming, standing now, everything around her freezing into ice. The unliving thralls that always haunted her throne room froze, encased in thick, gray ice.

"Where is the Black Surah?" She screamed, her voice shattering many of the ice statues into ice cubes. Now that she knew her brothers plans, and of the Conjunction, she had to act fast.

A snake-like shadow slithered into the throne room.

"Yessss, my goddessss?"

"Gather the crew you know to be dispensable, and bring me the two souls you captured under the last full moon. Now!"

"Yesssss my goddessss." The shadowy form flew out of the hall. Jett did not smile, but she believed she had learned her kins secrets in time.

"Now, does anybody know where this Mount Hellion is located?"

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