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, it is important to evaluate the level of mold growth. It can range from 1 sq. meter to over 3 sq. meters. Go ahead and get professional help if the mold is large, as it can be hazardous

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How To Tackle With Mold Growth Area Yourself

When you discover mold growth in your house, you will quickly begin looking for a fast and effective old clean-up method just like I did. But how can you be sure that what you are seeing is really mold? According to what I have observed in my house, the first sign for mold usually include a horrid or musty odor which is given off by the mold. After that, you will begin to see stained areas on walls, fabrics, window sills, etc.

I was quick at judging too. However, let me explain you how it works. There is a way of finding that these visible stains are of mold or not. Use a cloth soaked in regular household bleach to wipe the stains away. There are chances that it is mold if the stain cleans away easily using the bleach and you might need mold cleaning in Kennesaw GA, and in the other case, it can be a variety of things like pollutants entering the property through open windows.

I have had mold growth problems in my house at least four to five times. My experience says that mold often forms because of excess moisture in the building due to condensation, dampness, water leaks, and so on. Try to solve this issue first using a dehumidifier, as most of the time, reducing moisture can help reducing the chances for the mold formation. It is therefore vital that these issues are dealt with before any mold clean up can begin. I would suggest that before getting any mold removal and repair in Kennesaw GA, it is important to evaluate the level of mold growth. It can range from 1 sq. meter to over 3 sq. meters. Go ahead and get professional help if the mold is large, as it can be hazardous.

If it seems to be manageable, I can guide you a little so that you can try to tackle a mold clean-up yourself.

Protection First

The first step is to protect yourself. Before you begin to remove any sort of mold, get goggles, face mask and rubber gloves. You must seal off the entire room with plastic sheeting before starting the work if you are cleaning a moderate area rather than a small mold growth area. If you are suffering from respiratory problems or allergies, you should stay away from the work are as much as possible. Also, small children should stay away to keep them save as well.

Chemicals for Cleaning

In case, the mold growth area you have to work in is small then you can simply scrub it with a solution using a detergent. You can consider using a commercial mold clean-up product or as I recommend, you can go for any household ingredients such as baking soda, tea tree oil, white vinegar, or grapefruit seed oil. These are quite effective to remove mold stains. Once scrubbed it is important to dry out the area as fast as possible. Use a dehumidifier for this.

Cleaning the Surface with Vacuum Cleaner

The best way to remove the surface mold is to use a vacuum cleaner if the patch of mold you are about to clean-up is moderate in size. The first appearance of mold is usually powdery. Make sure that the vacuum cleaner you use must have a HEPA filter fitted in it or else it would be exhausted outside. Next, scrub using a mold clean-up area and dry it out thoroughly as described above. A sander can be helpful if the surface you are working on is wood.

In case of both small and moderate mold areas, if the mold constantly returns after you have cleaned it up, there might be a further problem with the moisture or dampness. It will then require investigation by a professional. Moreover, professional help will also be needed if you have large and extensive areas of mold growth.
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