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A letter where the Mystery comes from

Living in the world with the best experience in our life is all I need. And joining the club that solving problems— love quarrel, missing people or things, crimes and mysteries— is the best thing in my life.

I become a detective because of Louise Mendoza. He is the president of our club and my dormmate. Yes, tita Marga said that he is a gay so it’s fine if I will be his dormmate. By the way tita Marga is my father’s sister.

I’m just walking at the street when someone send me a message.

When I read the message I immedietely called the landlady of my dorm.

“ Yes my darling, anything that you need?”

“Aunt Marga, is there someone went in dorm now?”

“Oh, he didn’t continue to go inside because I only allow someone, he/she is with the owner of the dorm,” she said and that gives me a relieve.

“ But he gave me a letter and said that I need to give it to you,” she added.

“ Okay Aunt Marga, I will go home now,” I said and hang up the phone.

I continue on walking when I feel someone is starring on me, so I walk as fast as I can because I can see the building of my dorm.

The feeling that I can feel is staring to lessen so that means that he/she didn’t looking at me anymore. The way from my school to my dorm are three blocks away. You will passed on one of convinient store which most of the time you can saw many man drinking outside if that store. So when I walk home, I sometimes I go home early or walk with Louise.

I thought that the stare is over, but now it’s following me. When I looked back, I saw a man who’s covered in black coat and wearing a black hat. He looked at me and I saw his face. The most gave me an attention is that, his left eye is color red.

“Nice to meet you Ms. Sandra Lopez,” he said in chill and cold voice that gives me a gooose bumps.

He walks forward to me but before he reached me, I ran away and called Louise on the phone.

“Hey where are you?” I asked.

“At the gate of our dorm, why?”

“Please, wait for me,” I said while still running.

The man a while back is still catching me so I shout.


But after that, I tripped and fell down.

“Hello Sandra, where are you? I heard you scream,” he said on call but I end it up because the man is now approaching me.

“What a dumb girl,” the man said.

“A detective in everything but can’t run for a long distance? What a shame,” he added.

I stand up and face the man, I just get ready my stun pen that Louise gave me for self defensing. When he is closer to me, Louise arrived and punched him. That punch made him fell to the ground and gives me a shock because he can punch someone.

“You bastard, how dare you follow my bestie,” Louise said.

“Louise, let’s go,” I said.

“Wait, where is your pen?”

“Here,” then he take it.

I was shocked when he pushed the button and use it to the man.

“Now he is unconsious. Call the police,” he said and gave back by pen.


After what happened a while back, Louise and I went home. Aunt Marga gave me the letter. She said that the man who gave the letter is wearing a black coat and black hat.

I’m now in my bedroom and still looking at the envelope. I was about to open it hen someone sent me a message.

I was confuse who is this unknown no. so I went out of my room and take a look on my window and I was shocked because he is the man I while back. How did he get out of the prison?

“ While I was looking at him, he waved at me and walked away. I ran to my room which made Louise annoy at me.

“ Didn’t I told you that don’t run!” he shouted from the living room.

“Sorry,” I shouted back.

I looked the envelope and bring out the letter.

Dear Ms. Sandra Lopez,

Would you like to meet with me? If yes, this is the address.


6 p.m okay? But if you don’t,I will meet you there, at your favorite place.

From: Y. M

When I saw the letter, I went outside and saw Louise doing something on his computer.

“Louise, can you help ne?” I said when I sit beside him on the couch.

“ About what?” he asked then I showed him the letter.

“ Where’s this come from?” he asked.

“It’s already fine now, he’s locked in the prison,” he said.

“ I think you’re wrong,” I said.


“ Because he’s outside, that’s why...”

“ That’s why?”

“ That’s why I ran to my room and read this letter,” I said while still holding the letter.

Louise look at me and he’s trying to calm down. He took out something in his pocket.

He took the letter from me. He went on the table and trying to crack the code. I’m just busy looking at my bracelet when I heard him snapped his finger.

“ I’ve got it,”

“ How?”

“ The code is easy,”

“ It’s Caesar’s Box,” he added.

I was familiar in Casesar salad but it’s my first time to hear the word Casesar’s Box.

“ First, you need to count the no. of characters in the code. As you can see, there are 25 letters. Then get the square root of that number.The answer’s five. Now write out these characters into 5 rows of letters.”

Here is what written in the paper that he made:


























“ From the top of left, you will read it downwards. Then you will start again the top of next column.”

I followed what he said and read the code.

O - U - T - S - I - D - E - O - F - C - O - N - V - I - N - I - E -N - T - S - S - T - O - R - E, Outside of Convinient’s Store!”

“ I’ll go there, tommorow?” I said while looking at Louise.

“ No,let’s try to avoid this. If this continue in three days, I will help you to face this man, okay?”

“ How am I suppose to avoid it tommorow?” I said as I stand up and went to kitchen to drink some water.

“ Let’s go home together,” he said and that made me spill out the water on the sink.

“ A-are you sure?”

“ Yes, I am. Tommorow, okay? I need to go to my room now,” he said.


For the past 3 days, I always got a letter from the mysterious man. I’ve got to managed on how to avoid him because of Louise.

I was walking at the hallway to our clubroom when I saw someone went out from our club pushing a cart with a big box.

I can feel that there’s something wrong so I ran as fast as I can in the clubroom. I took a deep breath and open the door.

“ Louise!” I shouted but I can’t see him anywhere. I went to his desk and I saw a piece of paper there.

Dear Ms. Sandra Lopez,

I sent you many letters everyday but you didn’t read it because I saw you yesterday that you throw a pile of envelopes which are comes from me at the garbage bin.

And that’s gave me a pain because you don’t want to know me.

That’s why, I wanted you to find me. If you want to see your collagues alive, go to the library and go to the librarian. She will give you something.

If you will call a police your friend will no longer live in this world.

From: Y. M

I was confused and at the same time is scared because they have Louise. I think carefully on my decision so I go to the library.

“ Oh, you’re here Ms. Lopez,” the librarian said after I entered the library.

“ Come here,” then librarian said then he gave me an index card.

Dear Ms. Sandra Lopez, Greetingsfrom henrry VIII,

10 15 23 7 4 6 30 14/15 0 22 10 24 14

If you did this within 30 min., I , myself will go to the police station and atone ny sins.

From: Y . M

After I read this, I went outside to find a place where I can solve the code. I tried every code that we did before with Louise. I did every thing until I remember the word “ Henry VIII”. What does it means?

Except for being a king and have 6 wifes...

“ I got it!”

“ The base 8,” I said to myself.

I solve the code by using the base eight. I write the sequence of numbers by starting from 10 to 17. And I was right.

It goes like this:

0 A 10 I 20 Q 30 Y

1 B 11 J 21 R 31 Z

2 C 12 K 22 S

3 D 13 L 23 T

4 E 14 M 24 U

5 F 15 N 25 V

6 G 16 O 26 W

7 H 17 P 27 X

10 15 23 7 4 6 30 14/15 0 22


10 24 14


So they are inside of the University only. It took 10 minutes for me to think for solving the code and 5 min. for cracking it. I only have 15 min. left.

After I cracked the code, I immidientely ran to the gymnasium.When I enter it, there is no people around so I think a place where they should hide a person. And there is only a one place, the storage room at the ground floor.

I ran to the storage room and when I opened it, I saw Louise that was tied on the chair while the man is at the back.

“ Very well. You’re not a dumb girl anymore,” the man said while he untie rhe rope of Louise.

“ Wait, I have one last letter for you,” he said while showing me the black envelope.

“ W-who are you?” I asked.

“Let’s say... I’m from nowhere,” he said and Louise stand up.

“ Oops, don’t you dare Mr. Mendoza your father will never be happy,” the man said.

“I’ll leave this letter while there’s still have time, bye,” he said while walking away.

I take the letter and went ti Louise.

“Are you okay?”

“ Yes, I am. I only drunk a sleeping potion lately when the janitor give me a water,” he said. That’s why there is someone went our clubroom.

“Why don’t you read it?” he asked.

I have no choice so I opened the envelope and took the letter

Dear Ms. Sandra Lopez,

I know before that I made mistakes. I broke your heart and leave you but don’t catch me now because in 5,4,3,2,1...Boom!

Goodbye my Sandra.

From: Yasser Melina

After I read the letter,we heard an explosion from outside. When we reach the place I saw a black coat three meters away from the place of explosion.

I fell to the ground where my knees are down. I cried a lot because the one who explode himself is my first love, Yasser Molina.

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The End

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