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When a woman breaks your heart on purpose because it is fun. Somebody did it to me.

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What do I do?

What do you do,

when a woman treats you bad?

Walks all over you,

makes me so sad.

Tell her to stop,

I have feelings too.

They don't matter to her

what must I do?

Tried to be reasonable,

logic dont work on her.

Figured her out,

she hates me for sure.

Im in love with her,

this toxic nightmare.

Tears my heart to pieces

my blood is everywhere.

Talking don't work

yelling does not either.

As she is walking away

I just don't believe her.

One minute she loves me

the next, she hates me.

I feel so bad,

I am so sad,

but what do I do?

I'm in love its true.

Cannot take anymore,

I miss the girl,

I fell in love with.

She doesn't care anymore

while I cry out

some more.

Walking away from me

I am stuck in her trap.

The stupid games she plays,

the lies she says,

all have shown,

Its not the woman I've known.

Why be with this girl

that just dont care?

I dont know what to do

its just not fair.

I'm in love

is it enough?

I'm in love

decisions so rough.

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