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In "Obsidian Obsession," part one explores the chilling tale of Lucy, an enigmatic and mysterious girl harboring an intense, unrequited love for the charming Max. As Lucy's obsession takes a dark turn, Max becomes entangled in a web of secrets and perilous plans, leading to a shocking climax that will haunt them both. In part two, the aftermath of Max's harrowing ordeal unfolds, and a chance encounter brings him face to face with Katya, a seemingly transformed individual. As their paths intertwine, a delicate romance blossoms, haunted by unspoken shadows and past echoes. Secrets surface, trust is tested, and a journey of redemption and healing ensues, revealing that sometimes, love can emerge from the darkest corners. *Please note that this story can contain themes of trauma, obsession, manipulation, violence, and psychological distress. Reader discretion is advised. Story registered in Safe Creative, therefore any partial or total reproduction of the work is prohibited without the author's consent. Code 2307304927049 All rights reserved.

#1 in Romance #1 in Romantic suspense For over 18 only. © 2023 All rights reserved

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