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In the darkest corner of my heart I can hear your song I feel a perfect "thing" when I hear you sing

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Thanks a Lot

In the darkest corner of my heart I can hear your songI feel a perfect "thing" when I hear you singYou're like a sound that makes me want to dance.It makes me want to let go of all the pain and hurt that scares me.You, in such a short time, already made me love youOh, how I love you, my face.Thank you for spending hours on my side;Thank you for spending a few minutes talking to me;Thank you for staying seconds singing to me;Thank you for the thousandths of time that made me smile.Thank you for being this beautiful lullaby that makes me want to sleep on your lap.I love you, my face, and I will always love you, because you make my today be better than mine yesterday.Thank you! +

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Sophia Shop Hello! My name is Karoline and I'm from Brazil. I'm 20 years old and I'm a Portuguese Design student since 2018. I'm a writer, reader, and designer. I can speak/talk/chat in Portuguese (main), English and Spanish. So don't feel shy to talk to me ­čîá

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