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All In One: Is a poem that explore different themes, emotions, offering unique perspective and insights on life, love and the human experiences. 1. Come, Let's Go 2. Our Incomplete Story 3. Wondering Round 4. Fighting Alone 5. You 6. Love 7. Nature

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Come, Let's Go

Come, let's go somewhere.

Let's go to a place,

Where paths never ends.

Come on, let's go.

At every step,

We will discover something new.

Come out on the road.

Change your destinations.

Don't get tired or stop.

Keep proceeding like this.

At every step,

We will discover something new.

Why doesn't anyone understand our restlessness?

No one knows where we might be tommorow.

No one knows why we are here today.

Listen to what the heart tells us.

Every moment is passing by.

At every step,

We will discover something new.

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