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Shikhara after breaking Mrs. Jenkins crystal ball, she has been put in a time portal naked after experiencing her clothes discarding off of her body as she came in the portal. While Shikhara was in the time portal naked, Nola and her father drove down in the city of Miami Florida and saw the vehicles and people in general have stood still as not a person, or vehicles was moving around. Finally, after Shikhara solving 6 mathematical equations by Nya the algorithm and got them correct, Shikhara now finally got out of the portal and now ended up in an island safari where she saw none other than Mrs. Jenkins who she confronted, as Shikhara also saw one of her best friends called Jody who is an ally with Mrs. Jenkins, as Shikhara got angry at Jody for doing so as the ultimate betrayal. Shikhara still naked, goes through another time portal to Wonderland. While on the other hand it is up to Nola, her father, and her friends to rescue her before Mrs. Jenkins either has Shikhara killed, or opens up the final portal. If Shikhara got into the portal, Shikhara's friends and family and the real world will fade into the dust as the family, friends and the real world will be none assistant as the fictional world will exist, as Mrs. Jenkins has full control of Shikhara as she wanted her to be her slave. One way or another Mrs. Jenkins and her security has to be stopped.

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Shikhara trapped in the portal

There were flash backs of Shikhara, hanging out with her friends and one of her dating her boyfriend. They were also ones with her mother and her having a mother and daughter heart to heart talk, as she also had the same with her father as well. There the memories came back as there were also flash backs of her and Nola in the mall, and even the two of them at Nola's father's restaurant in the same mall having lunch. Memories of her older sister Keisha also came into play, coming to the house with her husband paying them a visit, as all those memories came back to Shikhara constantly and repetitively. Shikhara then woke out of sleep as she found herself in the time portal trapped inside of it bare from head to toe. Then as Shikhara saw where she was, she looked surprised at where she is at this point. Then as Shikhara saw where she was, she look at herself, and shouted out, "What the hell, I'm trapped in a portal, and naked!!," surprise to where she had ended up, after dealing with once Psychic now turned powerful sorceries Mrs. Jenkins who put her in the time portal after telling her she would have a wardrobe malfuntion. Shikhara now stuck in the time portal, she heard a voice behind her saying, "Well that's obvious, and it looks to me like someone is being a little cheeky back here." Shikhara hearing the voice behind her, she turned around just to see a Caucasian, white hair young lady with glasses on, a white button up science lab gown, black tights and boots. Then as Shikhara saw this young lady, the young lady ramble saying, "Hey Shikhara isn't it?," said the girl as Shikhara said to her, "yes it is, lucky guess" as the lady then said to her, "why thank you, and I must say Shikhara, those are some big beautiful mountains on your chest, and that V formation down there is lovely, one of a kind to lay ones eyes upon. Then as Shikhara saw the young lady looking at her privates, Shikhara then covered them with her hands and arms.

"Lady, for your information, these up her are called breast and this down her is called a vagina," said Shikhara, lashing out at the young lady as the girl was apolled by Shikhara's attitude. "I think I sense both tention and hastility, is there something bothering you?," asked the young lady in all her sincerity towards Shikhara. "Look, I'm sorry, it's just that I've been having it bad as of late," said Shikhara, to the young lady in the portal. "You mean as bad as you being trapped here in this portal naked," as Shikhara then said, "Uh yes, you see my boyfriend Devin left me for a Natalie a head girl at my school, and not only that, my friends Sara, Jody and Nola, turned their back on me," said Shikhara to the young lady. The girl then said to her, "Oh I'm so sorry to hear that Shikhara," putting her hand on Shikhara's shoulder, as Shikhara said, "thanks, don't know who your are... your name?," asked Shikhara to the girl. "Oh yes, how could I forget, my manners, my name is Nya the algorithum," said Nya, as she introduced herself to Shikhara. Then as Shikhara heard her, she said to her, "algorithum?, you mean the process of rules followed through calculation and problem solving by computers," as Nya told her, "bingo Shikhara, you're a real genius I might say." After Shikhara answered her question, Nya then teleported from in front of Shikhara and appeard at the back of her. Nya doing that, she said to Shikhara, "cute butt," as Shikhara turned to face Nya, and told said, "hey!!, stop that," as Nya told her, "oh sorry just can't help it Shikhara, it's just that your butt is a wonderful sculptured master piece," as Shikhara found it really strange, she was able to teleported from in front her and appeared behind her.

Shikhara when meeting the young lady, she then asked her, "are you a lesbian?" as Nya then said to her, "I don't know of such a thing, for I feel no type of sexual way toward you, at all," said Nya the algorithm, as Shikhara is trapped in the portal wanting out of there. "Oh yeah, I'm going to check on something, so don't go anywhere ok," the algorithm Nya, "Nya, I'm trapped in this portal, where am I going to go," said Shikhara, as Nya said, "Oh yes forgot, be right back, as she up and disappeared, leaving Shikhara naked in the time portal.

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