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A Normal Day in the Forbes’ home with Jess, Colby and Anthony on a bike ride while Christian and Luana are at their apartment and Dean and Dori are at home something extraordinary happens to the world. The wilderness is on top, humans are on the bottom.

Adventure All public.

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As the golden rays of the sun bathed the picturesque landscape, the Happy Wilderness family emerged from their cozy home, ready to embrace the day. At the heart of their tight-knit unit stood Colby, a spirited soul fueled by his deep Christian faith and an insatiable thirst for adventure in the wilderness. Today, like every other day, promised a tapestry of experiences that would shape their lives.

Christian, Colby's dedicated older brother, embraced the duality of his existence. On one hand, he poured his heart into the family branding business, striving to ensure its success. On the other hand, he shared his brother's love for the great outdoors. The wilderness, with its untamed beauty and hidden mysteries, called to Christian's adventurous spirit, beckoning him to explore the unknown.

Luana, a vibrant and sweet soul from Brazil, found her place in the family with ease. Her infectious laughter filled their lives with joy, bringing them closer together. She reveled in the role of a loving sister to Colby, her husband Christian's brother, feeling a kinship that transcended blood ties. Her warm-hearted nature and genuine love for the family created an unbreakable bond that made her an integral part of their tight-knit clan.

Jess, the sister of Colby and Christian, embodied kindness and creativity. With her trusty camera in hand, she captured life's fleeting moments, preserving memories in photographs that would stand the test of time. Just like the rest of the family, Jess was a devout born-again Christian, finding solace and strength in her unwavering faith. Her love for her family and her adventurous spirit drew her closer to the hearts of her loved ones.

Anthony, Jess's fiancé, brought a unique blend of sweetness, kindness, and a need for speed to the Happy Wilderness family. His love for adrenaline-fueled activities found its outlet in the vastness of the lake, where he reveled in thrilling water sports. Anthony's presence added an extra layer of excitement and love to their lives, weaving him seamlessly into the fabric of their family unit.

Dean, the family's patriarch, embraced a sense of childlike wonder and a deep-rooted Christian faith. While some might see his immaturity as a flaw, Dean found immense joy in approaching life with a lighthearted and playful spirit. He treasured every moment spent with his loved ones, cherishing the gift of togetherness and creating memories that would last a lifetime.

Dori, the heart and anchor of the family, exuded a radiant sweetness that endeared her to each member. As a mother, she effortlessly transitioned from caregiver to trusted confidante, the long-lost best friend rediscovered. Dori's love knew no bounds, extending to everyone in the family, providing a sense of comfort and support that nurtured their souls.

Together, the Happy Wilderness family embarked on a journey that blended faith, adventure, and the unbreakable bond of love. Each member brought their unique blend of qualities and passions, weaving a tapestry of joy and harmony. While the world beyond their home may have appeared ordinary, within the confines of their shared love and devotion, every day was an extraordinary adventure waiting to unfold.

Little did they know that their lives were about to take an unexpected turn, propelling them into an adventure beyond their wildest dreams. But for now, on this seemingly normal day, they reveled in the simple joys of togetherness, ready to face whatever the future held, guided by their faith, and fueled by their love for one another.

And so, their story began—a tale of faith, adventure, and the transformative power of family.

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