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My heart is behind bars &n I miss him so much. He’s my husband and My Bestfriend. Its just not getting easier but I pray for FAST YEARS AND TEMPORARY TEARS!!’

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Locked up & Locked In

It starts with days of phone calls and nights of tears. Steadily wishing he was here. As The weeks go by , the days grow longer without him here my heart grows colder. Begging god to set him free just so he could be home with me. Weeks turn to months an hes sentence to prison , his calls get shorter and his letters become notes with little hes written. Its been Years An we havent touched or seen one another an finally his visitation was gonna be open. I walked right in and looked in his eyes , sitting across from him while his hands locked in mine. Being watched by guards and other inmates , The urge to cry cause i kno he has to stay. No touching each other an your clothes must be loose. They will turn you away , so quick to give the boot. 9am to 3pm seems so fast an walking away really got my ass. The Tears They fall and my heart it breaks. Agruing about everything for god sakes. Trying to stay strong and holding him down cause i miss him being around. Hes My Moon & I hold him close. Making Sure he has money on his books for canteen to eat and time on the phone cause he loves hearing me. Checking The Corrections site to see if his release date changed. Sending messages for other inmates an getting mad because hes calling late. Making Promises of marriage and how we should have a baby an start our family one day. Lifes super hard when your loves locked away!

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The End

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Markie Wilkerson Hello I’m Markie Dyan Wilkerson, im 29 years old and am the mother of 4 boys! I am a wife to a loving man of 3 years. My life is beautiful and True.

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