oghene Oghene Bassey

Bola has the chance to go to the most prestigious school in Nigeria, Lagos. (P.S The village scenes contain broken English( which is Pidgin in Nigeria, not British but don't worry, I will be translating them)

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  • Main Character: Bola Alademọmi ·
  • Mother: Abosede Alademọmi
  • Father: Mr Alademọmi ·
  • Best Friend (in the village): Adesuwa
  • Teacher( in the village): Ms. Folashade
  • Teacher(in the city): Mrs. Brown
  • Enemy: Josephine Martin
  • Best Friend(in the city): Felicia
  • Boyfriend: Carter
  • Principal: Mr Adewunmi
  • Science Teacher: Mr Carter
  • Counsellor: Mrs Anderson
  • Women in the market
  • Bus driver
  • Janitor
  • Children at the school
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