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Jimin and Yoongi felt truly happy for everything that they had conquered, the family they built and cared for with all the love in the world, although, sometimes, everything looked out of control. Because, in the end, having three kids and expecting another one was almost impossible in some moments — like on the day that the couple realised that the babies weren’t babies anymore.

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Growth Phase

Fanfic translated by non-natives. Original version in Portuguese can be found as "Os bebês não são mais bebês".

Written by: Park_louy

Notes: Hello, hello!
This theme pleases me too much and I'm extremely fond of Yoonmin as parents, I'm not afraid to assume.
This fanfiction has ABO, but I swear this is not the main focus and the story itself doesn't offend anyone, really!

I hope you like it, have a good reading ♡

Yoongi was round, looking like an immense ice cream vanilla-flavoured ball. Even he could realise that, when he stopped in front of the mirror of the big closet, standing straight, without the belly being bulky on purpose; he wanted to see the format and the size of his gigantic reality. He allowed himself to put both hands on his waist the moment after, feeling a slight kick on the left side of his belly. He was a ball, full with a cub that simply didn’t stand still.

He kept looking at his own body with narrow eyes, not being able to stop the self-judgement as he slipped his brown orbs into each piece of himself, allowing an immense and cute pout to take care of his lips as he observed the light stretch-marks that were forming on the sides of his belly, looking up, a little after, to his lightly swollen and red nipples. He was a mess, completely lost in something that he allowed himself to live three times before. And, even though he felt his self-esteem in his ass, to see himself so “out”, he loved the sensation of feeling full, loaded with the purest feeling to experience his wolf entirely satisfied to generate another cub of his alpha. He couldn’t even describe the sensation of having a life growing inside of his womb, not being able to bear the feeling of joy in all the times that caught his husband looking satisfied, for filling him, once again, with his precious seeds.

Min Yoongi wouldn’t be able to say that he didn't love the three times he was pregnant, since his first son, Jongin. He could never forget the euphoria that took him at the exact moment that his husband — in the time, his boyfriend — felt a different smell coming from him, standing out from the normal smell of vanilla and lemon of the omega. It was a mess, they weren’t expecting to have a baby while the omega was eighteen and the alpha nineteen, when they recently had just got into college and were starting everything they planned for so long.

At that time, both of their families didn’t healthily accept the pregnancy, sometimes judging in a hard way that they wouldn’t be able to take care of a cub without even having jobs. And the big truth was that they couldn’t deny going into complete torpor having to deal with the first signals of the pregnancy, not being able to conciliate the reality that they were going to be parents in a blink of an eye. It was hard, full of hits and fails during the nine months, all to be learning to deal with real life.

But, to the misery of all who threw rocks and didn’t bet a single penny on the couple, Min Yoongi and Park Jimin overcome all the barriers and conquered, little by little, what they could call home. They wouldn’t deny how difficult it was to conciliate both of the universities with simple jobs, that they were lucky to find; both of them running between having a promising future with what they studied, while they flew against time to conquer a space that was theirs, so they could raise Jongin.

They lived numerous adventures full of happiness and, others, full of sadness before the first child was born; like the simple and quick marriage that they had in a tiny chapel, inside of a notary’s office in the centre of the city. And then, Min Yoongi was Park Yoongi, and Jimin couldn’t be happier as finally having the omega entirely to himself and calling him husband. They were dating since they were fifteen, and it only seemed fair that Yoongi was marked after the matrimony, where the omega also left his little bite on the left side of the alpha’s neck.

Yoongi had just made nineteen years when the little toothless alpha came to the world, exhaling his soft smell — however present, for Jimin’s pride, that couldn’t control himself when had the first son in his hands, one alpha, so handsome as Yoongi. And they stumbled many times after Jongin’s birth, another time learning, little by little, the parent life. They tried to handle the difficulties that came because the omega couldn’t work. And he left university for the time he needed to take care of the chubby baby.

Many mistakes and hints until the day that finally concluded the academic stage, going through all kinds of problems — not letting escape all the times that they didn’t have anything to eat but instantaneous macaroni and other times that they hadn’t light for a long week, for not having enough to pay the bill. Anyway, after all the troubles, they finished their courses, Jimin one year before Yoongi, and after that, it was nothing else that could stop them to reach everything that they wanted.

Jimin was almost twenty-four when he concluded the Letters course, and Yoongi, twenty-three, was finally finishing his, Journalism. Of course, in the middle of this process, they had the brilliant idea of having another child. Park Jongin was with his four years when the omega found out being pregnant for the second time and, for the couple’s luck, the second pregnancy was extremely easier to deal with, because both of them were finishing their courses and, a little after, they had jobs in the areas that they pursued.

Park Mina came into the world with a squeaky crying and eyes so big and bright as the couple didn’t think it was possible. She was simply the most beautiful thing that Yoongi could see — Jongin was part of the imaginary list of the most beautiful babies that he saw, all of his own —, with the hair so light as his own and the little nose like Jimin’s. It was the first omega that they had, for the total despair of Jimin. The little one was born when Yoongi was twenty-four and Jimin was almost twenty-six.

And, in a blink of an eye, they moved out of the small apartment in the suburbs to a big house in the centre of the city, located in a good area to the kids’ school and near enough to the couple’s work. Yoongi couldn’t believe living in a pacific and relaxed life, after all the difficulties they went through, getting carried away for the happiness of having two kids and amazing alpha, in all aspects.

Jimin escaped all the standards of being alpha in the society, just because he didn’t see himself trapped in old sayings, being different from what many were and accepted to be — never, in those many years on the alpha’s side, experienced an uncomfortable situation due to being an omega. Park Jimin respected him, no matter any classification that might separate them, always reassuring his admiration for having an independent and determined omega by his side.

Jimin was far way to be the kind of alpha that saw omegas in a submissive way, even more, because Yoongi was a male omega. And Yoongi couldn’t stop thinking that all the respect towards himself was the minimum that the other could offer, but felt very proud of being with someone that didn’t correspond to the pattern forced by society, thinking completely differently from the majority. Talking openly about the pregnancy — was still taboo —, Yoongi never felt obligated to spend his heats with the alpha, and he never forced anything like that.

Sometimes, he used medicine because he didn’t feel like going through all the pain of the heat. And Jimin never dared to go against his decision because, even for him, it didn’t make any sense to have cubs just at that moment; when all of their focus escaped and their minds were in absolute torpor with the crazy need to get the omega pregnant. So, in the two times he was pregnant — excluding Jongin’s pregnancy, which was unplanned, although was not in the heat —, everything went in total agreement. In moments of lucidity and distance from any heat, Yoongi got pregnant in his normal cycle, and has a fertile good man, without the necessity of not being himself.

And that way it passed. Jimin’s career was great in the literary agency in which he was hired and, in the second year, he already had his first horror story published, well-structured as he never thought it would be. Yoongi kept rock solid, maintaining a job as a journalist in a big station, and couldn’t be prouder of himself. They were doing great, little by little, conquering what was best for their children.

And it got to a point where everything was in its perfect place, Jongin with ten years and Mina with five; Jimin had conquered a big public assiduous to his stories and Yoongi got the job as presenter of the central journal, living in an unpretentious way and not fearing that it could miss something. Was in the middle of all of that organization and well-being that Yoongi got pregnant for the third time, not letting go of all the emotion of generating another cub.

He couldn’t put into words the feeling of being pregnant again, in all the times he carried a cub from Jimin. About the feeling of fulfilment and pride for being strong enough to put three lives in the world, feeling complete in all the ways for being a good omega to his alpha. And, no matter how many times Jimin said clearly that he didn’t need to have kids to be the omega of his life, Park Yoongi simply couldn’t avoid the sweet feeling that took his wolf for concluding such a deed.

Park Wooseok was born on the day that Yoongi completed twenty-nine years, being the best present that could have in all his life. It was impossible to contain the emotion, even after fifteen hours of suffering a hard caesarean, when finally, could hold his new little world in his arms; being welcomed by the alpha that carried in his shoulders his two older babies. Simply splendid. There was not a better definition for the family they had built. The younger son, until then, being the second omega of the couple.

And then, nowadays, there he was, Park Yoongi, with his forty-three years old and experiencing a risk pregnancy. Yeah. Forty-three. He was old, even he could say that, but he was still capable of keeping it together, enough to be pregnant for the fourth time. Although, in reality, his pregnancy took everyone by surprise. The older son was twenty-four years and the youngest was almost fifteen; it was not like the family was expecting something like this.

Even Jimin felt despair when he smelled a different scent coming from Yoongi and considered the possibility of being crazy when he was sure that the omega smelled like vanilla and a bit of cinnamon. It was impossible, right? The time had passed and there was not a chance of being pregnant again. The omega was not in fertile cycles anymore, and his age could tell.

Well, it was known already. They were, indeed, roundly pregnant. And the surprise came to the family obstetrician, that didn’t hide the confused expression as he confirmed that they were, in fact, waiting for a cub. Although there wasn’t a reasonable explanation for it: independently of having or not more heats, the omega still had his uterus intact and, being something rare of happening — taking the age and rarity of still being fertile into account —, his organism was strong enough to the fecundation. That way, being distant of any chance of being pregnant, in his forty-three years, there he was, Park Yoongi, generating a cub, completely unexpected, a great blessing.

And the couple couldn’t say that they hadn’t had a mini breakdown leaving the obstetrician’s room; it would be a big lie, because they entered the car, in the parking lot of the hospital, and cried, hugged in a weird position. They shed thick tears for some good minutes until they gathered the strength to look into each other eyes and try to assimilate everything that was happening. Not that being pregnant again was something terrible, not that. Things seemed too unreal, damn… Jimin was forty-four, given away by the tired face, the thin beard, and some grey hair.

Yoongi wasn’t different, despite that he didn’t seem to have forty-three years, with his clean skin and smooth features. Although, the big truth is that they were here: they were too old to live another pregnancy, with the oldest son almost finishing his degree in Psychology and the middle daughter, that the next year was about to begin the university. All seemed distant, escaping the reality that they thought they were strong enough to face. And it was all very complicated, digesting everything and gathering the right words to tell their kids that soon, they were having a new baby in the family.

But, differently from what they thought, their kids had a burst of euphoria hearing such news. Even Wooseok, the “baby” of the house, showed himself really happy with the idea of not being the youngest anymore. Their closest friends were totally surprised by the news, but, from the beginning, left clear how happy they were with the arrival of a new Park; they even did the old joke that Jimin was too fertile, always wanting to do another baby with Yoongi.

Yoongi was still, looking at himself with narrow eyes, while he slid his fingers through the places where the baby kicked. He was focused on the frequency of the kicks, and the movement in the belly when he heard the bedroom door being opened, with the strong scent of Jimin feeling all the room in a moment. He allowed himself to breathe calmly and inhale the citric scent of his husband; he always felt calm, same as the baby, when he aspired the lemon smell his husband exhaled. He didn’t stop smiling right after realizing the alpha’s heat on his back, shortly after having the other’s hands sliding over his exposed belly.

— I missed you… — Jimin buried his face in the space of Yoongi’s neck and aspired his sweet scent with pleasure, leaving a kiss on the mark that rested there.

— We felt yours too. — He let his neck

— She, hum?

— I am absolutely sure that he’s a girl, an alpha…

A few months ago, Yoongi started saying that he was expecting a girl, alpha. And all in the house thought exactly the contrary due to the cinnamon scent that was exhaling from the omega. They even had a bet between the two sides — the family friends didn’t stay out, taking Yoongi’s side —, in a high quantity between being an omega or alpha. None of them considered the chance of being a boy, because there were already too many men in the family, talking about the Park and the Min as one; so, the bet was about the class of the baby.

Jimin tucked his chin into the crook of the neck of the omega and looked to the mirror, still sliding his hands on the voluptuous belly. He liked to feel the warmth of Yoongi on the tip of his fingers, realizing the movement that the baby did when he felt the contact; the alpha was really happy to know that he had these moments, knowing that the cub always recognized him, giving a kick to demonstrate that. He looked up at Yoongi’s face and couldn’t stop smiling happily, noticing the pinkish cheeks and small eyes due to the caress that was receiving and the pheromones that Jimin released, just because the omega felt good feeling them.

— Jongin said that he wanted to talk about something important, before dinner — warned, sliding the tip of his nose on the white neck.

Yoongi left a soft moan, not feeling the need to comment on the information given; he was too focused on feeling his body getting warmer with the husband’s proximity. He was so sensitive, so open to all the contacts that was receiving from the alpha, damn it… He remembered perfectly about this phase where the hormones just seem capable to fulminate him. He threw his body towards his husband, his ass completely placed between Jimin’s legs, and the alpha did nothing but hold him by the waist with some force and give a laugh.

— You know we can´t, not until you’re out of the risk zone.

They weren’t having any type of contact that involved Jimin inside of Yoongi, because of the risk pregnancy, any pressure or effort could bring a series of problems and they wouldn’t put the life of the cub just because of a desire that could wait. Even though the omega was almost going crazy because he didn’t have had sex in five months. Sometimes, during the day, he felt wet, and using his fingers wasn’t helping at all.

— Please…

Jimin stayed silent but dared to take his fingers to the hard nipples, that were so red as some parts of Yoongi’s neck. And this last did nothing but moan and rub against alpha’s body, standing just because his husband was holding his waist. He was so sensitive in that place. He tilted his head back as the alpha captured his left tip between his fingers while sucking his neck.

— I… hate you, Park Jimin — said, in the middle of a moan.

— If it is that way, then I guess you don’t need my help after dinner. — He threatened to leave his place, but after he moved, he felt Yoongi’s hands grabbing his arm.

— I am expecting a child from you, don’t dare to be like that.

And Jimin was going to answer with a contained laugh, but, even before he could open his mouth, they heard the bedroom door being opened and Mina appearing at the entrance of the closet.

— Jongin is making everyone sit down in the living room, to talk about I don’t know what. Even took my phone and hung up on Seojun’s face! — A not very happy feature took care of the omega’s face, and Yoongi even let a week laugh escape.

They didn’t dare to wait long. Yoongi dressed in a shirt, left the bedroom, and went downstairs to the living room, where they reunited to pass time or have important conversations. Yoongi came into the room and saw Wooseok sited down against the armchair, that was beside the big leather sofa, and the oldest was standing, in the middle of the room with a lost look while bitted his nails, nervously. Immediately thought about what the fuck happened this time, because every time his kids did anything wrong, it resulted in requests to reunite the family and share the nonsense of the time. Like the day Mina hit a boy in school, that didn’t leave her alone — when the omega was ten —, and she hid the note that the director asked to be signed by the parents.

In the end, after a week of not daring to comment on what happened with her parents, Yoongi took his daughter’s side and went to the school saying that didn’t accept any reprimand with his precious, taking into consideration that the boy wouldn’t be hit if he didn’t pull her hair. He would never forget the emergency meeting that the omega organized, right after messily telling the story. So, the point was: what nonsense did Jongin had done?

— We are all here. All that is left is to know the size of the nonsense that you’ve done, to know if you need a punishment as big as — Yoongi spoke, looking to his son, after sitting with his legs open on the sofa. That was a comfortable position.

Jimin stood next to the door, taking off the dark tie he was using, and Mina sited next to her omega father. Jongin, however, stayed in silence looking to an undefined place, like he was about to say the hardest thing in the world. Yoongi looked at him and prepared himself to deal with anything that was about to be told, although Jimin was calm to deal with anything.

— Come on, Hyung — Wooseok asked. — I want to finish the Valorant game with the boys.

— I’ve already told you to stop playing that, that game is very violent — Yoongi asked, giving a repressive look to his kid.

— Dad… it’s just a game. — He turned over his eyes.

Yoongi was about to open his mouth to give a rebuke for the omega’s attitude because he hated when he started to make a face like that. Although, before he had any chance, Jongin’s voice sounded in the room completely altered and fearful:

— I’m leaving home.

Yoongi raised one of his eyebrows and narrowed his eyes, still trying to process what he had heard. He looked at his husband, still standing at the door, and made an expression known by the alpha, a feature that said: what the fuck did I just hear? And Jimin just let a weak small leave his lips, before passing the palm of his hand on his face, knowing exactly where this conversation was ending.

— Oh, you are? — Yoongi started, letting his voice sound extremely challenging.

— I’m serious, dad.

— You are? — He crossed his legs. — I thought it was a bad joke.

Jongin kept his lost look, looking at the omega father, opening and closing his mouth, without knowing what to say next. From the beginning, he knew it wasn´t going to be easy to talk about that, even more when he knew it was a decision and not a request, he was just communicating it. He knew the parents well enough to know that the alpha was going to make some logical questions to know if he was really sure and would give his full support, but he was totally sure that the omega would turn everything into a fuss, just because he was too protective.

— The guys, Daeshim, Kyung, and YoungSoo, started with the idea of renting a house to split in a local near to the university since this is the last year and we have a lot of works, the final exam, some things to present… and so we can have more freedom and privacy — explained, maintain a smooth voice.

— And it is obvious that Jin Hyung’s son is in the middle of this wonderful idea — stressed, talking about Kyung. — You know the answer — continued, read to get up off the sofa.

It was obvious that he wasn’t going to allow something like that. Letting his precious baby leave home and go live with another one full of “teenagers”, with all the freedom to spend the weekends drinking and using god knows what more? Never. Jongin didn’t have enough age to leave home, he only would let him do that when he finished college, and, unfortunately for Yooing, it was still left a (short) year. He couldn’t understand concretely why would the alpha bring that topic, so randomly. It was obvious he wasn’t going, end of discussion.

— I’m not asking, dad. We have already found a nice house and next week we are going to take care of everything so we can go there before the classes start.

Yoongi, that had just leaned against the sofa again, didn’t hold a laugh, loud enough to wake up Wooseok, that maintained his eyes closed until that moment. Mina stood beside her dad and kept a surprised look, but seemed comprehensive with the decision of his older brother. Jimin made a weird noise with his mouth seeing his husband sliding his body to one side, while he was still laughing exaggeratedly and passing his hand through the belly exposed.

— You’re as funny as your dad, Jongin. I swear.

— And you can’t let one slide, right, love? — Jimin’s voice sounded slightly unbelievable, but he wanted to sound more offended.

— It is a lie? You’re full of funny jokes, Park Jimin.

— I’m not…

— Can you not turn this discussion about you two? I’m talking about something important, about me. — Jongin sounded serious, with an easy expression. He was looking, interleaved, between the couple, looking for the maximum attention.

— You’re not old enough to leave home, and I, sincerely, will not change my opinion, you know I’m right. — Yoongi stood up, leaving the living room and heading to the kitchen.

— You know me well enough to know that I have the maturity and responsibility to leave home, dad. Besides that, I have twenty-four years, damn it! Twenty-four! — He followed him, bringing with him the rest of the family, just behind. — So, don’t try to treat me like a child who can’t do anything, because you know that that is a big lie.

Yoongi, at that moment, was already behind the big island that was in the centre of the kitchen, looking for everything necessary to start cooking the dinner, keeping his sight on the ingredients and utensils that were needed. He was nervous, enough so that Jimin could feel his essence a little bit strong, and he was alert to the expressions and actions of the omega. He understood Jongin’s point, but Yoongi couldn’t trespass the limit and feel sick. That was not even a possibility.

— If Jongin is leaving home, I want to date Jaemin.

The kitchen was in total silence, filled by the noise of the pans that Yoongi stirred when Mina took all by surprise. Enough to make Jimin widen his eyes exaggeratedly, followed by Yoongi, that dropped the litter of milk on the counter, almost spilling it on the floor.

— It was all I needed, my children starting a war in the middle of my kitchen.

— Date? Date? Who, for the love of God? — Jimin left where he was to go fetch a kitchen towel, the voice sounding thick enough so the omegas in the room could feel a slight shake. Nothing exaggerated, of course.

— Stop rubbing the towel in your face, darling — Yoongi asked, giving him a bad look.

— Jaemin isn’t Hoseok Hyung’s son? — Wooseok asked, looking completely lost to his sister.

— YOU WANT TO DATE YOUR COUSIN? — Jimin screamed, spreading his palms on the counter, his eyes wide open.

— He’s my cousin in the third degree, dad. It doesn’t count.

— I think I’m feeling my heart beating. — Jimin’s voice sounded too much.

— Glad it is beating, right? — Wooseok questioned again.

The kitchen was in total silence again, until the moment that Jongin couldn’t hold the laughter, catching everyone’s attention. The alpha tried to stop, but it intensified as he felt everyone looking at him like they were hearing the most absurd thing.

— What are you laughing about, brat? — Yoongi asked, narrowing his eyes.

— No, is that… that… — He needed to stop to support his hands on the counter and take a deep breath. — Dad gets a little bit stupid when he’s nervous.

— Don’t test me, Park Jongin. — Jimin’s voice was serious enough to make the boy stop laughing immediately. — And another thing, Jongin is old enough to leave home, you don’t the age have to date, Mina.

— Whoa, whoa, whoa… — Yoongi turned and looked to his husband, holding a wooden spoon in his right hand. — Jongin doesn’t have the fricking age for anything that he wants to do alone, more if it’s something that involves him not being under my roof. — The omega’s feature was serious, as he pointed the spoon in the alpha’s way.

— First, I have twenty-four years, and Mina nineteen — started, counting on his fingers. — It doesn’t compare! — pointed, crossing his arms.

— So?! It’s just only five years of difference, Jongin — Mina started, being serious. — And another… — Pointed to the parents. — You started dating at fifteen years and got pregnant with Jongin when daddy Yoongi was eighteen, I’m, at least, one year older than when you started — she defended herself, looking mockingly at the parents.

Yoongi looked back at his kids so that he could argue against what had been said, but he was without words because, unfortunately, the omega was right. The couple could not forget that and, deep down, Park Yoongi understood that he couldn’t demand something from his kids that even he didn’t know to do. Although, that didn’t mean that he would give them the freedom to do everything that they wanted, of course. And, talking for himself, the idea of his daughter dating was not wrong, she was at a good age already.

He knew her well enough that she would be responsible, although the big truth is that the youth is a hand with ignorance. In the end, it was okay to date with nineteen years, it would be unfair to not let Mina date because Jongin had given his first kiss at fourteen and had his first girlfriend at fifteen. And he was well resolved with himself, he always was. So, why not let Mina date?

— Because I don’t want my daughter involved with that some scoundrel, that’s it — Jimin answered, firmly, right after Yoongi made all the speech before.

— Scoun… What? — Mina asked, looking confused at his dad.

— These boys, in your age, they only care about sex, Nah — the alpha argued again, leaving his place to hold his daughter’s shoulders, kindly.

— So? I feel the need to have sex too. — It was simple, so direct that Jimin choked and the brothers opened their mouths in pure astonishment. Yoongi was the one letting go of a long laugh.

— I’m going to take you to the gynaecologist, my love. — Yoongi was being sincere, if Mina felt the need to have sexual relations, she needed to do it safely.

— What the fuck is that story, Park Yoongi? Are you crazy? Handing my little princess like that, so easily? — Jimin’s voice was completely outraged, keeping the marked face, with frown eyebrows his and red cheeks.

— Do you prefer that she does it and gets pregnant?

— God, no!

Jimin left the place where he was and went straight to the fridge, took a bottle of water and stopped at the other tip of the island, drinking the liquid while looking attentively at his husband.

— Don’t be unfair with her, darling — asked, going back to stir the pans.

— The one who’s being unfair is you, with Jongin.

— What?

— Don’t start with that, you know you are.

— I’m being unfair because I want to take care of my son? For thinking he is not ready to leave home and go leave in another house full of other irresponsible teenagers? — Didn’t spare the words, looking into the alpha’s eyes.

— Guess where those words fit in? — There was a tone of mockery in his voice, and everyone noticed.

— Don’t try to distort everything, Park Jimin!

— You’re the one making a storm in a glass of water!

They weren’t stressed enough to make a horrible ambient but were serious enough to leave the kids in total silence while they listened to the discussion of the couple without blinking. Jongin bitted his nails, Mina her lips, and Wooseok supported on the counter like he was watching the most intense fight of his life.

— You’re being unfair, Jimin.

— So do you, Yoongi.

They were silent, exchanging a look that their kids weren’t unable to identify. That was another discussion that they had in silence, without using words; his looks, on the other hand, talked between them. And they both were sure of their decisions, without giving up on what they thought it was right.

— This is not about you two, not about how you are going to keep fighting about who is right or who is wrong. It’s not. And you know it — Jongin repeated.

— Everyone here knows that Jongin is capable enough to live in a house alone because he ever took care of me and Seok. He knows how to do absolutely everything and he gets away in every type of situation — Mina said again, raising his voice to defend his brother. — Like when he went to my school meetings or when he goes to buy the groceries for the month because you two are busy. He even puts the clothes of everyone in the washing machine and stills kill himself studying — concluded, with a firm voice.

— Besides, he never got home drunk nor uses drugs — Wooseok remembered, trying to give some support to his older brother.

— Even you, Seok? — Yoongi questioned, crossing his arms.

— It is true, dad, he only smok… — He couldn’t conclude his sentence, being stopped by Jongin, that jumped in front of him and used his hands to cover the brother’s mouth, smiling nervously to his parents.

— See? I’m a good son. — Smiled too much.

— I told you I felt the smell of cigarettes on his clothes. — Yoongi pointed to his husband, looking bad at him.

— Really, son? — He looked at him, with his hands on the waist. — With so many things better to smoke… — whispered.

— Park Jimin! — Yoongi threw a plate towel to the alpha’s face.

— Did I lie?

— Does dad smoke weed? — Wooseok questioned, too much interested, with attentive eyes.

— NO! — Yoongi screamed, turning to the youngest. — No one in this house uses drugs nor is allowed to do it.

— Damn, I find it unfair. Dad, we can have fun, can’t we? — Wooseok asked again.

Yoongi opened and closed his mouth a couple of times, without knowing what to answer. He looked at his kids and at his husband, behind the children, with his hands above his head, in a silent apology.

— First, don’t swear… — He was interrupted by Wooseok.

— But you and daddy say it — replied.

— Fuck it. — Ignored what the boy said. — Second, I let you play those violent games. It’s like that that the kids have fun, nowadays. — Crossed his arms above the prominent belly. — And you still deceive me, staying until three o’clock in the morning in the call for something.

Wooseok made a bad face, rolling his eyes, and wheezing. We wanted to do funny things like the older siblings. Like when Jongin came home at 4 a.m. because he went to a party or was with his boyfriend; maybe like Mina, she could go to the mall alone and still sleep in her best friend’s house.

— I wanted to do some radical things like Nini. — He used a cute voice, squeezing the cheeks with both hands while supporting the arms on the marble of the island.

— But you already do radical things, Seok. — Jongin got closer to the brother, caressing gently his back. — I don’t know how to handle the computer to kill so many people in Valorant, my head stops just to think about the movements that you do.

— Really?

— Really.

— Yeah, the truth is that in a zombie apocalypse you would die with a crossbow, because you don’t know how to handle a gun.

The next scene was hilarious, Jongin looking at his brother with the goofier face he had, while the youngest kept a smooth feature, sure of what he had just said, making the rest of the family laugh uncontrollably because of the face that the oldest was carrying.

— Besides that everyone in this house has duties according to their age and, guess what, Jongin can’t leave home just because he is twenty-four.

The ambient in the kitchen was relaxed when Yoongi let the sentence loose like he doesn’t care about it while chopping the vegetables. And all was silent again; Jimin passing his hand on his hair, pulling it behind, Mina looking to his older brother, Jongin letting his eyes heavy and Wooseok, as always, focused on who would be the next continuing the discussion.

— You are so selfish, dad. — Minutes later, Jongin’s voice sounded broken to the point where everyone looked at him. — I always gave the best of me inside this home, as a son, and as an older brother, knowing to separate my life outside this house and inside this house. I never gave you work in school, as I was never a motive of shame as a human being. And now, on your whim, because it is a whim, you don’t want me to leave home? — Tears were running loose, the voice cracking, and the sore throat showed how sad he was. — And I’m not even asking something equal to a whim, it’s important, that is my future as an individual.

No one dared to say a thing. In the room, it was only possible to hear the sound of something boiling and Jongin’s sniffles, passing his hands on his face to move away his heavy tears. Jimin thought of saying something, but that didn’t depend on himself anymore, only Yoongi could do something about it, independently of agreeing or not. Because Jongin was looking for omega’s approval, because we was aware that Yoongi was the resistant one, not accepting anything little.

And Jongin wanted to demonstrate his effort, he desired to be recognized for his effort and decision. Because he desired to be a motive of pride. So much that wasn’t even capable of holding back the tears, it hurt to understand that, for each one of his parents, his choices weren’t equal to the hard decisions that he had to make one day to get where he is now.

At that moment, with the kitchen in total silence, when no one dared to say anything to change the heavy ambient, Park Yoongi thought about the “Why?” of the discussion, trying to find the real reason why he was so resistant. Even thinking he was right, he couldn’t go over his son’s tears because, if he was crying, something was wrong with his way to see the possibility of Jongin leaving home.

And, for how hard it could seem to him, he would never go over the pain of any of his three kids (soon four). He refused to be so unfair, precisely because of hearing so many “no’s” in his life, for not having the support in half of his tough and important events that experienced so young.

He couldn’t deny the fact that his older son is a motive of pride in all of his phases — even when he decided to paint his hair blue and put a piercing in his eyebrow —, showing responsibility in school and in his part-time job, which he initiated on his own, after affirming that needed his independence. And Jongin was wonderful, in all ways. Being the best older brother that his siblings could have, equally had the spot of the responsible and caring son. Even his boyfriend liked to thank Yoongi and Jimin to made him so well, raising him with the best manners possible.

In that short period, looking at his kid standing in front of him, Yoongi realized a big truth: he was just dying of fear of losing his first baby because leaving home means that he was an adult already, and right after would be Mina’s turn, and after Wooseok. And, in the end, it would just be left his Jasmine, that wasn’t even born, but in a few years, would also leave home.

And all that would be left would be the empty house, the solitary bedrooms, just Jimin and him. The kitchen table full of non-occupied chairs, and the living room was as lifeless as he never imagined. All of that scared him, to the point where his head feels heavy and his blood pressure drops. But, despite all of his fears, he couldn’t deprive his babies to know life, giving the first step out of their home, to adulthood. Because he was not raising them for himself, and the world.

— You must call me every night before going to sleep, as you need to promise me that you won’t spend your nights having parties and use a condom even when you are slightly, see, slightly drunk.

Yoongi kept his voice smooth, talking again after fifteen minutes in total silence and looking straight to Jongin, still stirring the pan with his blessed wooden spoon.

— Is that a “yes, I can leave home”? — questioned, his eyes bulging.

— Yes, Jongin, that’s a yes.

Yoongi didn’t even had the opportunity to think about saying something, being totally surprised by the alpha, that contoured the island and messily hugged him, due to him being too tall and the big belly that made impossible a lot of stuff.

— I. Love. You. So. Much — he said, slowly, leaving wet kisses on all of the omega’s face.

— Ew, Nini… — he cleaned his wet face with his hand.

The kitchen seemed lighter, with all smiling. Jimin maintained a smile lost on his lips, looking happily at his husband, and, in some moment, when his eyes met, he whispered “I’m proud of you”. Wooseok was electric and Mina even gave some little screams. The peace had come back again, everyone was in harmony. Until…

— Does that means I can date Jaemin? — Mina asked, while was putting the plates on the table and the rest of the family prepared everything for the dinner.

— No.

Jimin was quick in his answer.

It was okay, maybe there was still someone whose problems they could fix. Because, in the end, the babies weren’t babies anymore.


End notes: Lovely cover (I freaked out because it looks so beautiful and cute) by @tmessi / ThalieMessi

Laborious beta-reading by @Sra_Lovegood/@SraLovegood

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The End

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