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I’m just a little homeless kitten that feels lonely and is learning how to survive in this world full of bad and good people. At some moment, I almost lost hope that I would find a warm home and a loving owner. But one day, I meet the people, who I instantly get sympathy for. My cat’s gut tells me they could take me with them and give me everything I’m dreaming about…

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The Homeless Kitten

After it was raining all day, the gray asphalt got wet, and little pools of water showed up in some places. I had to hide in the dark basement that was my home and placed in a large building as my hair would have gotten very wet. I would have spent a lot of time washing and cleaning it up. I just learned how to do it. My mother had been licking me before. She always took care of me, did not leave me even for a second, and did teach me everything I should have known when I was a little kitten. When I just opened my eyes and saw this big world that was full of so many interesting things. When I learned how to stand on my four paws and began to examine every single corner little by little. But now I am learning to live on my own, look for food, and lick whenever I need it.

When the weather gets better, I get out of my hideaway to start to examine the world again and discover something new. That’s really interesting! I love sitting or lying on the asphalt or the soft grass and watching what’s happening around me. I like the way the wind nicely blows my hair up. I like watching people going somewhere, talking to someone, and doing something. They are so different! I do not have time to memorize all of them! There are those, who I remember very well and often see in the city. But do not pay attention to me. However, there are those, who actually scream at me and tell me to get out of their way. That’s why I get scared. I put my tail between my paws, press my ears to my head and run as far as possible. I feel I should not expect anything good from them. There is nobody that would be kind and seem to be good.

Moreover, there are no other cats near me that could become friends of mine and talk to me about something in the cat language. All my brothers and sisters ran on different sides a long time ago, and I am not sure if I can find them. There could be only dogs in the city, but they do not have any good feelings for me. Seeing I am alone, weak, and unprotected, they bark at me loudly. They want to run after me when I save myself by running and hiding where I am living now. This is the only way to save me. That’s why I have to be very careful and do my best for my curiosity not to lead to something bad.

But before lying and having some rest in the fresh air, I need to eat a little. I feel my stomach is grumbling. But unfortunately, I have nothing to eat. Everything good people gave me is already gone, and nobody brought me anything today. So, I am very hungry and decide to walk in the city first with the hope that someone would love to feed me with fresh milk that I madly love. I walk on the wet asphalt with my paws with a feeling of a slight coldness and look at every single human with pity in my eyes with the hope that they would be the ones to feed me. But alas, nobody pays attention to me. Even trying to get it by meowing does not lead to any result. Everyone is too busy with something. I don’t ask anything special! I just need a bit of cottage cheese or delicious sour cream. For a human, it would not be hard to do this, and I would get much pleasure.

At some moment, I walk by various shops. I guess they are selling something tasty. M-m-m… I would definitely have an opportunity to eat enough and lie on the grass before it’s getting too dark. But I am afraid to go there because one bad man grabbed me by the collar and kicked me out one day. He loudly told me not to come here and not to beg for just some food. No matter how pitifully I meowed… No matter how pitifully I looked at him, he did not feed me on that day. Yes, a little later, I met an old lady with a kind heart that bought me a little packet of food for cats with an incredible smell and fed me enough. But since that moment, I do not check any stores because I might run into that bad man or a bad woman again.

Instead of that, I just come to a small shop, sit down in front of it and, pressing my dirty puffy tail to myself, just feel very sad while watching everybody, who leaves it with big packets in their hands that I sometimes sniff with my nose. I try to get someone’s attention on me, letting them know that I am very hungry and want to eat something delicious. But alas, nobody understands me. Nobody reacts to my quiet “meow” full of pity. Only some little children pay attention to me. They want to come, to say something, and to pet me a little. But they go somewhere with adult people. At least, nobody treats me badly and screams at me so far.

Despite the charm of this large world, it’s also full of evil and bad people. I feel so lonely. I am scared in some ways. My mother is no longer with me. She used to protect my brothers, sisters, and me and take care of all of us. Mother never let us stay hungry and made sure that we all ate enough. Life with her seemed so careless. We could be running, jumping, and playing for hours… To crawl on Mother that always spread a madly nice warmth. The warmth that all the people I meet do not have. But it would be so great to meet someone to give me the same warmth. Someone to take me to a warm and light place. The place that would have a lot of food. I really want to lie on something softer than dirty cardboard. I wanna find a home. Find someone that I could trust. I would be a very good kitten and would never disappoint my owner if they became my salvation and my protector from all the bad things that exist in this world.

But to be honest, I have already lost hope that I would meet someone to wish to take me with them and give me the love. People are too busy with their business or too evil to pay attention to me and hear my scream for help. It seems like I would have to be a homeless kitty until the end of my life and be hungry until I find just something to eat. I would have to survive. But I already know it’s not very easy. Especially, when you are alone in this cold world and not a part of a company. Sometimes I want to come back to my childhood and be next to my mother, but it’s sadly impossible. She said I would have to survive in this world by myself, and her mission of raising me and feeding me came to an end.

It’s been quite much time since I came here and began to meow with pity to get the attention of someone and ask people to give me something to eat. I am so hungry that I would eat anything they would give me. And I would be madly grateful if someone to have a kind heart stood in my way and gave me what I’m dreaming about so badly. But where do I find the one? How do I find the place that would become my home? Where is someone that could become my best friend? Why does nobody want to take me with them? Is something wrong with me? Is there something about me that makes people dislike me? I do wanna be a beloved pet… A beloved, loyal kitten…

Watching all the people that come and leave the shop, I notice a little girl somewhere far from here. With dark hair gartered into a little tail. She is wearing a coat with different patterns and dark pants. With a white beanie on her head. I think she is wincing slightly. Maybe, does she feel cold? Who knows… The girl is walking with an adult woman with the same dark hair, who is holding a little bag in her hands. I guess she is a mother… They are similar. And they are now going to the shop that I do not find the courage to come in.

I closely watch them. The girl is saying something to her mother, who smiles at her widely and says something back with pleasure. My cat’s gut tells me they could be good people. I see it in their eyes. Especially, that girl. She is so sweet, sanguine, and smiling. I don’t doubt she is also very kind. And that woman does not seem to be evil and terrible. Maybe, do I try to come to them and ask them for food? What if I’m lucky? I can’t go back home without eating even a little piece! But what if they run me off? What if I keep being invisible to them? What if the girl and her mother are as busy as all the people that I have ever met?

Meanwhile, both of them enter the shop and stand in a short line that I can see through a big glass. That’s why I see everything they are selling there and everything that’s happening inside. The girl continues to talk to her mother about something, and the woman caresses her daughter on the head at some moment and presses her to herself. Aww… I wish someone pressed me to themselves like this… It would be so great if someone caressed my head or scratched my neck. I madly liked it when an old woman petted me with her warm, little rough hand for the first time ever. I realized that was what I needed. I realized that feeling a human’s hands was really awesome. It’s awesome when someone scratches me under my face… Besides, it a little reminds me of the way my mother took care of me…

Nevertheless, I decide to stay here for a while and try to come to those people after they leave the shop. I cannot stop thinking I could try to become a friend of that girl. I really like her. It was just enough for me to look into her eyes full of kindness. However, her mother also seems to be good. That woman does not look rich, but she is quite well-kept and well-dressed. Seeing how touchingly she treats her daughter, I’m starting to believe more and more that my cat’s gut does not betray me. So, I keep sitting in the same place and watching what’s happening, deciding to clean my dirty hair up at some moment.

In the end, I get so busy licking my hair that I do not notice that some time goes by. I do not notice how someone comes to me quietly. But when I distract myself from what I am doing, I see the girl that I have been watching for a long time.

“Oh, my gosh, you’re so cute…” the girl pronounces happily with a wide smile.

I start to meow quietly at once, not stopping looking at the girl, who squats down in front of me.

“Are you lost? How did you end up here?”

Ah, how I wish I told her about my hard life. How I wish I could tell her about how much I’m dreaming of finding a home and someone to love me and take care of me.

“Don’t you have a home? Are you homeless?”

I meow with pity to confirm it.

“Aw, poor kitten…”

The girl gives me her little palm that I start to sniff, and at some moment, I begin to rub my head against it, making her laugh shyly.

“Good cat, good cat…”

She caresses my head a little hesitantly as if she is reading my mind. And she does not even imagine how much I like it. How much I like the way her warm little hand is petting me.

“Are you probably hungry? Huh?”

I meow again to let her know that I am literally dying from hunger and ready to eat anything.

“Don’t worry, baby, my mom will buy something for now. I noticed you when looking around and persuaded her to feed you. I thought you were hungry and couldn’t leave you like this.”

Did I really meet my luck? Oh, I would be madly grateful to this girl even if she fed me with a very, very little piece of meat.

“Now, now, wait for a while… We will feed you.”

The girl tenderly caresses me under my chin with her little fingers while I close my eyes in pleasure.

“Good ginger, good… It would be great to wash you and brush you! You would become so beautiful.”

When I lie in front of the girl with my stomach up and began to stretch myself nicely, she laughs shyly.

“My gosh, you’re so sweet… The sweetest and kindest kitten that I have ever met.”

A little later, I move my eyes to the girl and meow again.

“Now, my baby, now… Wait for a while…”

The girl glances aside and smiles widely.

“Oh, my mom is coming! Mother is coming! We will feed you now!”

I see the woman that came here with this girl comes to us. Her daughter is really wonderful. My cat’s gut did not betray me! I quickly understood that she was not as evil and mean as those that I had met before. This cute girl is different.

“My gosh, what a cute ginger cat we have here!”

The woman’s smile gets much wider when I meow a couple of times, not stopping looking at her.

“Kitty, kitty, kitty… Look what I have here…’

She opens a middle-sized packet and slightly shakes it with a mysterious smile while I begin to feel it has something delicious.

“Kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty…”

The woman squats down and pours out everything from the packet on the asphalt. First, I sniff it very carefully and quickly understand that it has pieces of chickens in a sauce. Not thinking much, I begin to greedily eat what I was given while the woman and her daughter are just standing and watching me.

“It liked that!” the girl exclaims happily. “The kitten is eating!”

“My gosh, who kicked a sweetie like this out?” the woman perplexes.

“Maybe, is it homeless? Living somewhere in a dark and damp basement!”

“Most likely. But the kitten is precious.””

“I really love ginger kittens! They’re so cute! And this one has the white chest and paws.”

“And its eyes are smart. As if it understands everything.”

“Of course, it does! All the cats understand people. But they just can’t say a word.”

The girl is absolutely right! I completely understand everything people say. But it’s hurt they do not understand what I want to tell them when I meow. Unlike my mother, my brothers, and my sister.

“You just look how much pleasure it gets when eating,” the woman notices with a wide smile.

“I told you it was hungry!” the girl exclaims.

“You’re right…”

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the food that these wonderful people gave me. Enjoying the tender chicken with an amazing sauce. I have never probably tasted anything more delicious. If I was fed with something like this every day, I would be madly happy.

“Alright, sweetie,” the woman says confidently, embracing the girl around the shoulders. “Let’s go home. To cook delicious dinner for us.”

“Can we feed this kitten again if we meet it here again?” the girl asks.

“Of course, we can. And we will surely do.”


“Let’s go home, my cat’s fan,” the woman laughs shyly.

Distracting from food, I notice the girl and her mother turn around and want to leave. But I do not want it. They seemed to be such kind and nice people. I feel I would feel very good with them if I lived at their home. To be honest, I never wanted to go with someone else to their home so much before. I want them to be owners of mine. So, I just cannot lose a chance to get home. I must at least try. What if I’m lucky! Maybe, I would stop having to live on the street, get frozen in the rain, and walk in the city to find food every day.

After I eat almost all the food and get a feeling that I’m fed up, I run after the girl that is holding her mother’s hand. When I catch them, I stand right in front of them and start to meow with pity in my eyes. Literally begging them to take me with them in my cat’s language and not to leave me in this large city full of dangerous things.

“What’s wrong, baby?” the girl asks.

I keep meowing with pity and do not stop looking into the eyes of the girl and her mother.

“Come tomorrow to the same place! Mother said we would feed you if we met you.”

“Yes, sweetie, I will buy you some food, and you will eat,” the woman adds.

A little later, I start to walk in circles and rub my body and my head against the legs of the woman and the girl.

“I guess he’s thanking us,” the woman assumes with a shy smile.

“I think he lacks attention,” the girl says confidently and tenderly caresses my head and my neck as I close my eyes from pleasure and come closer to her. “Look how it’s getting closer to me.”

“Maybe. Sometimes people are too cruel and would not pity even this little kitten.”

“Ah, how I wish I protected this sweetheart from bad men and women… Such a wonderful baby deserves only love and care.”

Just don’t leave… Don’t leave… I’m begging you… Take me with you. I want to live with you.

“Listen, Mom, can we take it with us?” the girl asks.

“At our home?” the woman asks.

“Please, Mommy, let it live with us. I’ve told you many times how much I want to have a kitten, and you promised we’d have it.”

“Yes, sweetie, I remember.”

“I promise I will take care of it. I will be washing it, feeding it, playing with it…”

“Are you sure you want it?”

“Yes, yes, I really want!”

“A kitten is not a toy. You can’t reject it if you get sick of it.”

“I won’t reject! I won’t reject it! I promise!”

My God, am I really hearing it? Does this girl really want to take me with her? I cannot believe it’s really happening!

“You just look how precious it is!” the girl exclaims. “It’s got very smart eyes! And it’s so kind!”

“I don’t want you to betray this kitten,” the woman says confidently. “It’s not a toy that you could kick out of your home. It’s a living creature. You’d hurt it if you broke your promise of taking care of it. And who knows, maybe, the kitten would never be able to trust people again. It would probably hide from them for the rest of its life.”

“I will not betray, Mommy, I will not! I swear!”

I meow a couple of times with pity in my eyes, trying to let them know I would become the best and kindest kitten in the world if they took me with them.

“I wanna take it!” the girl says with pity in her eyes. “My heart would bleed if this ginger creature lived on the street all alone. It might die! Bad men and women would surely do something to it. But I don’t want it!”

The woman sighs quietly with a slight smile and moves her eyes on me. And I keep looking at her with pity in my eyes, walking in circles and rubbing my body against her legs. Please, please, take me with you. I will be shy and good… Please… Take me with you…

“Alright, you won!” the woman exclaims. “We can take it with us.”

“Really?” the girl cannot believe what she heard with a special gloss in her eyes. “Are you letting me do this?”

“I guess this kitten chose the owner by itself. Chose the one it would like to live with.”

Exactly! This woman is absolutely right! I decided that I wanted to live with these people that spread kindness. And I know that my cat’s gut does not betray me.

“Hey, baby!” the girl pronounces happily, moving her eyes on me. “Mommy let me take you with us! You’re gonna live at our home!”

The girl tenderly caresses my head and then my cheeks with her little fingers. That’s why I close my eyes and start to purr quietly, enjoying the caress that I crave so badly.

“Do you wanna go with us? Our home is very good! Light and warm! I’d feed you something delicious and play with you every day. And I would get a soft bed for you. To help you always feel warm and comfortable.”

Pu-u-ur-r-r-r… I’m imagining everything the girl says and already feeling happy. It’s my long-time dream! Would it really come true? I would not like all of this to be just my dream.

“I think the kitten does want us to take it with us ’cause he ran after us and didn’t let us leave,” the woman assumes with a slight smile.

“So what, do you wanna live with us?” the girl asks. “Want?”

I meow quietly two times to let her know that I’m dreaming about it much more than anything.

“Let’s think you agree!”

My gosh, this girl is spreading such a nice warmth… I really like the way she pets me with her little hands. I wish I was petted like this every day! I would be the happiest kitten in the world! Moreover, she does it so tenderly… As if she is afraid to hurt me…

“Okay, baby, come with us!” the woman pronounces softly. “We will take you home, feed you enough, wash you and warm you.”

“Yes, and I will think about how to name you,” the girl adds.

With these words, she carefully takes me in her arms and presses me tenderly to herself, letting me feel the warmth she is spreading much better. To feel like… Safe. My cat’s gut tells me this girl could protect me from this big world and would not leave me alone. She is as soft and warm as my mother is. I still remember those feelings. And I understand I’ve finally found what I’ve been dreaming about so badly. What I lacked after growing up.

“But first, we’ve gotta take him to a vet and let them examine it,” the woman says confidently. “What if the kitten is ill with something and needs therapy.”

“But would we care it, really?” the girl looks at her mother with sadness in her eyes, turning around and going somewhere.

“Of course, we will, sweetheart. And we will find out the gender of the kitten. You to choose a name for it.”

“I guess it’s a boy.”

“Despite the gender, I am sure it would be a very smart and educated kitten.”

The woman softly yanks my ears while I close my eyes and slightly rub my head against her palm.

“You’re not alone anymore, kitten,” the girl says confidently, pressing me close to her chest and caressing my back tenderly. “You’ve got a home now. I will take care of you and do my best for you to be happy.

“Not just you,” the woman replies softly. “We will take care of it together.”

“Let’s think we’ve done a good thing! And as you say, someday, a human will be rewarded such all the good things they have done.”

“Of course, my sunshine. I am sure someday you will get a gift for such a kind and wonderful thing like saving the life of the living creature.”

“And there is one more homeless kitten that found its home!”

“It would be great if all the homeless animals found owners and were surrounded by love and care.”

While they are carrying me somewhere in their arms, I get much pleasure from pressing against the girl and purr quietly, still not being able to believe it’s really happening. I cannot believe I would no longer have to live on the street and sleep on something cold and dirty. I truly want to believe I would no longer be homeless and lonely. My cat’s cut did not betray me, and these people would really be wonderful and caring. I promise to be very shy and good and become the most beloved and the best kitten in the world for my new owners. I don’t want to disappoint them. I don’t want them to regret their decision to take me with them.

Thanks to the people like them, I still have faith that the world is not quite cruel and dark. When I almost lost my hope to see just a little shoot of the sun, the girl and her mother stood in my way. And I got home. The home that I was dreaming about. They gave me hope that I would no longer have to be hungry and dream of a warm bed, love, and care. Unfortunately, I cannot tell them how much I am grateful to them for the delicious food and their decision to adopt me. Nevertheless, I want to believe behaving very well would be enough. And they would see I completely understand everything and can feel how one or another human treats me.

Who knows… Maybe, I would even bring happiness to the woman and her daughter… Maybe, my appearance at their home would help them make some dreams of them come true. It would be great to become a bright shoot of the sun in their lives. To become a reason why they would always smile and be happy.

Anyway… I can say one thing… If you really want something, your dream will come true early or late. You should just never stop believing that the world does have something kind, light, and magical to some extent…

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