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King Henry, everyone woman's dream and probably every man's nightmare needs to get married. Penelope Harding, quiet, every man's dream and every woman's nightmare, need to find a man before her aunt cuts her head off. After a night at the club, Henry is fixated on Penny, calling her his queen but not everyone is keen on the idea of Henry marrying her. Overly jealous best friends, hard-headed fathers, and an evil ex-girlfriend. Will Henry marry his queen or will have to settle for single hood and risk losing his throne?

Romance Chick-lit All public.

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"Your highness."

What now, I think.

"Come in, Godfrey."

The middle-aged man walks in, splendid hair neatly gelled, and looking neat and pompous as always, "Your father is here to see you."

I roll my eyes, "I'll be down in a moment."

"Okay, sir," and he turns around and leaves, I consume the rest of my whiskey, and throw on my silk Gucci robe before making my way downstairs. As he reaches the foot of the stairs, his father gives him a disapproving look.

Here we go.

I turn back around and sit down on the couch, and he sits across from me, and Godfrey brings in two glasses of whiskey, giving on to my dad and then me.

"Father please, we've had this discussion before," I sigh, walking past him to the lounge.

"Henry please."

I turn around and look at my father, challenging him to go on.

"Never mind," he sighs.

I turn back around and sit down on the couch, and he sits across from me, and Godfrey brings in two glasses of whiskey, giving on to my dad and then me.

My father gulps his drinking before letting out a sigh, "We have important business to discuss."

"If it's about the court case, I've sorted it out," I reply, sipping on my whiskey.

My father looks at me in surprise, "And what was the outcome?"

"I paid the fine."

"Goddammit Henry!" my father yells.

My father has always been this temperamental, after years of getting emotional about it, I finally got used to it, and now I just roll with the punches, and sometimes diffuse it before he goes off on me."

"You weren't supposed to do that; you were supposed to cut a deal with them. We talked about this."

"You talked about it; I listened, and with all due respect father, your idea wasn't going to work," I reply calmly.

My father pinches the bridge of his nose, "Explain it to me, please."

"Well first off, their business was going bankrupt, so what deal were we going to cut with them apart from putting them out of their misery by giving them a large sum of money they were going to blow again? Paying the fine was the only way to avoid a drop in shares and unnecessary drama."

He remained silent for a few moments, I knew, he knew I was right.

"You're right son, good job."

I can't help but smirk, "Try to smile next time when you say it."

My father chuckles, "You are not out of the woods yet. You need a wife."

I cringe, he always had to use the term,' wife'

"Father, we've spoken about this."

"Frankly I don't care, you need to start settling down Henry, you're a king for god's sake," he says furiously.

I shake my head, "Yes I am a King dad, but I don't want some trophy wife who will sit beside me on the throne with no brain, I need a real woman father,"

My father sighs, the poor man, I'm going to kill him before his time.

"Look, Henry, get yourself a real woman but do it quickly before I put your brother as a temporary king."

Hell no.

"You wouldn't."

My father chuckles, "Believe me, Henry, I would."

I examined him closely, and his stern look made me believe that he was serious.

"Okay, I'll make a plan."

"Good," my father smiles, "I know you'll make a great king Henry but behind every great king is an even greater queen,"

I sigh, "I know dad, and mum was great queen, she still is, and I want to marry a woman just like her.

"I'm glad."

He walks towards me. I stand up, we share a hug and I walk him to the door, I open the door for him, and I watch him as he walks back to his Rolls Royce and drives out of my yard.

Good riddance.

I close the door and make my way back upstairs to my bedroom.

"I do apologize my dear for keeping you waiting," he says to the skinny brunette lying naked in his bed.

"It's okay my King," she replies with a smirk.

"Now where were we?"

She giggles, "You were about to devour me."

I take my pants off, revealing myself to her, and she immediately gasps.

"I don't think I can take that," she stutters.

I grin, "Of course, you can baby, I'll be gentle."

She hastily scrambles off the bed and picks up her clothes, "I have to go."

I observe her as she bolts out of the door, I let out a frustrated groan before putting my pants back on.

Fuck her cave-like pussy, I think to myself.

Knock, knock.

"What do you want?"

"Sir it's Lord Montgomery, he is on the phone" Godfrey replies.

I pick up the phone that's on my desk, "Hello."

"Dude it's that time of the week."

"Archie, is it Tuesday already?"

Archie laughs, "Well duh dude, Ashby and I will be there in an hour to pick you up."

"Awesome, I'll be ready." and I hung up the phone.

I go into my bathroom and get into the shower. After five minutes I get out and prep my hair before stepping into my walk-in closet, I'm sure you'd expect me to have a stylist, but I don't need all that, I can dress very well if you ask me.

I pick out a pair of black dress pants and a white shirt, leaving the two top buttons undone, with a formal dress shoe before putting on my Rolex watch. I walk out of my wardrobe and grab my phone and wallet before heading downstairs.

"Godfrey," I call out.

Godfrey then walks out of the kitchen, "Yes sir,"

"I'm going out for the night, make sure that everyone leaves here on time and that security is airtight before going to bed," I explain.

"Yes, your highness." he nods.

"And I'm sorry for lashing out at you earlier, I should not be taking my frustration out on you."

He looks at me and smiles, "It's alright sir, apology accepted."

Beep, beep!

"The boys are here; I'll see you later Godfrey."

I leave the house and find a limo parked outside my door; they are going all out tonight. The passenger door opens and Archie steps out.

"Look at his royal highness." he grins.

"Hello to you goldilocks."

Archie has long dirty blonde hair that reaches past his broad shoulders, I've been begging the guy to get a damn hair cut but he says his hair has magic powers, idiot.

Archie's twin brother Ashby then steps out of the limo.

"Well, well, well, Rapunzel decided to join us this time," I tease.

He too possessed long hair just like his brother, but he kept it clean and well-washed, unlike his caveman brother.

"Shut up Henry. You're the one that had me on guard duty last week," he replies with a laugh.

"Are the other two joining us tonight?"

They both nod and reply, "They are at the club already,"

I smile, "Sweet, let's get going then, we don't want to keep the ladies waiting."

We all get into the limo, and we leave. Ashby pours me a glass of whiskey which I gulp down in one swig, he eyes me cautiously.

"Dude are you okay?"

"I'm frustrated man, I'm hoping to take a girl home tonight."

Archie chuckles, "I told you hiring sex slaves was a bad idea."

"And I should have listened to you," I sigh, "The last girl didn't even last."

Archie laughs, "Not tight enough."

"No, she said it was too big."

The twins can't help but laugh at my predicament.

"You poor soul, you must have the worst case of blue balls," Ashby laughs.

"That's not all, my dad shows up giving me the marriage talk."

"Again?" Ashby questions, "That's like the fourth time in the past two weeks."

"I may have someone for you," Archie says looking at me with a sly grin.

I raise an eyebrow, and I wasn't excited, but Archie and Ashby seemed to know a lot of women and I am keen on what he had to say or rather show me.

"Penelope Harding."

She sounds charming.

"I'll get her to come to the club with her friend Sophia, and you'll like her."

"Are you sure about this Archie, she's our best friend, more like our little sister" Ashby objects, "I don't want this fool here, messing with her."

"I'm right here you know."

"I'm sure," Archie replies but that didn't help put Ashby at ease, why was he getting so protective over her? I have to meet her.

The limo comes to a stop, and we hear music playing, we have arrived at the club. The door opens, and we step outside the limo all the women scream, calling out our names as we make our way into the club, this was the best feeling in the world, knowing that all the women loved us and wanted to be with you, the best feeling ever.

We walk to the back of the club to our usual VIP area, and I can already see Sebastian and my younger brother Chris in a deep conversation.

"Hello, boys, why so serious?" Archie says, sitting beside Sebastian.

"We were talking about you three stooges." Sebastian laughs.

"We do apologize for being late, Henry here took time to put on his make-up." Ashby teases, winking at me.

I roll my eyes, "Very funny."

We call for a waiter and he takes our drink orders, a bottle of whiskey, vodka, gin and rum and water for Ashby because he was on a diet, which wasn't going to last long knowing him, he can't resist the taste of the Russian bear.

I looked around the elite club, seeing if there was any girl worth taking home and then a beautiful afro captured my eye, chocolate brown skin, and plump lips and she looked beautiful under the disco lights.

"Henry," Archie calls out.

"Uh yeah," I instantly reply not taking my eyes off the attractive woman.

"What are you looking at?" he asks curiously, squinting and looking in the same direction I was.

"Not what, who," I eagerly say is pointing in the direction of the mystery woman.

"Oh, she's here," he says excitedly.


"Penelope," Archie replies with an infectious grin.

Oh, my royal balls, she's one hot mamasita.

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