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This is the solemn beginning to detective Connor Joz

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The New Job

It was a cold and rainy day. I was sitting and waiting for the mailman. As soon as he dropped the mail through the slot I bolted over. I picked up the envelope with my name on it. I opened the envelope and pulled out the letter.

It read “Dear Mr.Joz, We have looked over your application and decided to hire you. You have all the skills we need in an employee. I’ll see you tomorrow at the precinct. Sincerely, Director Cavenaugh.”

I hopped with excitement. It actually worked. I got my dream job. I took off to buy my uniform. I got in my car and sped over to the Pearleter Mall. I walked around for a little bit to find a store where I can get a uniform for work. While walking around a very pompous man ran directly into me while on his phone then tried to blame me. He wielded his fist back in hops to try and hit me. Once he threw the punch I sweeper kicked his legs out from under him and he hit the ground.

I left the mall once I got my uniform and went home. I took a shower and climbed into bed. I drifted off to sleep with the thoughts of my new job and what it’s gonna be like. I woke up the next morning and got dressed. I made some strong coffee and took off to work.

Once I got to work I noticed a parking spot with my name on it. I parked and made my way inside. With a very unfortunate turn of events I found out the guy I sweeper kicked to the ground was my new boss. Director Cavenaugh was very nice about the incident and actually completed me on the quick take down.

He showed me around the precinct then lead me to my office. Once in my office he handed me my new badge and 9mm. I’m officially Detective Connor Joz of the 5th precinct in Arddock.

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