Zavier May

Frank is arrested for a crime he didn't commit and is sentenced in prison when a deadly virus spreads around the globe forcing Frank to snap into reality and rescue his family from this. Can be trust anyone and will it be an easy journey for him?

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The end

Frank is a police officer in Texas and lives with his Wife Amy and son Josh. One morning he gets a loud knock on his door and when he opens it police push him to the ground and handcuff him. Frank doesn't understand but take him to the police station for questioning. His friend and partner had set him up with corrupt files downloaded on his laptop. A month passed and Frank is sentenced to 4 years in prison. Another month passed by and Frank is in his cell writing a letter explaining to his family what happened. Until cellmates start to have symptoms like vomiting, aching and fever. Frank is confused and worried he will get sick. One night will Frank is asleep . Screaming happens and people start to bite eachother. Alarms go office everywhere to signal a n emergency.

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