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The story of The Lovers’ Isles is a story is one of the most famous love stories in Faenbel history. The Isles were named after two lovers that had a chance meeting and fell madly in love. Find out more in The Lovers’ Isles

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The Day They Met

This is the story of Thera & Tsunis, the ancient lovers that two Isles in Faenbel were named after. Thera was a beautiful fairy that lived outside the Capitol in Azura. She lived with her mother, father, and older brother. The family was entrusted with tending to the Shrine of the Spirit Lusya. Thera spent most of her time walking through the woods, singing and reading poetry from ancient writers from Azura and Adalie. On other days she would help her mother and brother pay honor and tribute to Lusya. Thera’s job was to keep the Shrine tidy and lay Lusya’s favorite flowers at the feet of her statue. Her father usually had business in the capitol, so the upkeep was typically left to Thera, her mother, and her brother.

Now Tsunis was from the island across from Thera’s. It was a fantasy land filled with incredible magic and music. Tsunis was a great singer. People said that his voice could lull the most dangerous beasts. He grew up with his mother and father traveling through islands and kingdoms, signing for kings, queens, ladies, and lords. They were a beautiful trio that sang stories of the beautiful times in Faenbel. One day while Thera was walking through the woods near the Shrine, she heard a flute playing deep in the woods. She followed the music until she saw this light coming through the trees. She saw a young man sitting at a large fire, singing a beautiful ballad that brought tears to her eyes. She stepped on a small branch. The young man stopped singing and turned to see who was there. He stood up and approached Thera, but she was too shy and ran away. Tsunis watched her run through the forest and hoped that she would return. The next day when Thera was walking to her favorite reading tree, she saw Tsunis sing a wonderful song under the tree. He looked up and saw her and gave a shy smile. He walked over to her, kneeled, and took her hand. He then spoke. “Hello, my name is Tsunis. I am a traveling singer with my parents. What is your name?”

Thera looked at him shyly and said, “ My name is Thera, my fam. Mytends to the spirit Lusya’s Shrine down the road.” Tsunis smiled and nodded. They pointed at the book in Thera’s hands. “If I may ask, My Lady, what would you be reading.?” Thera looked at her book and said it was a novel written by famous writers from Adalie. Tsunis smiled and asked Thera if she would like to sit by the fire and discuss ancient writers and their philosophy. Write before she sat down, she heard her mother calling her. At that moment, she ran back into the woods. Before she left, Tsunis yelled, “ Until we meet again, Thera!

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To be continued...

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Kathryn McGregor Stories of Faenbel is a series of short stories about the magical world of Faenbel. From mermaids to fairies to dragons and gnomes and more, Faenbel has a vast amount of magic in Its beautiful realm.

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