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Meet your detective Agatha Christie, a lovable but clever woman who's job is about to hit a rock wall when an old kidnapper has come back, bigger and better than before.

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Yes, I am back and ready for another round of hide and seek! I'm going to kidnap someone, and I give you 20 minutes to find the person or else...

I read every detail of the letter. No surprise it was the same person who wrote something like this a month ago. I thought their days of 'having fun' were over, but I spoke way too soon. It was supposed to be a quiet afternoon time with Ben, my boyfriend, eating at Mr Pierre's cafe and then going to the Eiffel Tower for a picnic, not having to roam the streets of Paris to solve another case!

"What you got there, babe?"

I shoved the letter in my pocket preventing him from seeing it.

"Oh, nothing! Just another junk mail."

But wasn't junk mail at all; someone was going to be kidnapped and I have to be on the run before anything bad happens.

I was a bit fidgety in my seat because I had only 20 minutes to rescue the victim, so I abruptly stood up and was about to leave the cafe when Ben grabbed my hand.

"Um... I have to go."

"Now, but...you promised that we'd spend time together before I go on my business trip. Where are you going?"


"It has something to do with that 'junk mail', does it?"

I hated the fact that Ben was intelligent, but I was glad that he wasn't a jerk or a wanna- be person.

"Fine! It's that mystery writer again and it's important: someone is about to be kidnapped by this crazy person who keeps sending me letters."

"Why didn't you say anything?"

He dashed out of the door. Sometimes, I wonder how we're still dating, but that's subject to change. Anyways, I wore my helmet and jumped on his motorbike as he zoomed off; keeping our eyes peeled as we searched for any suspicious activity going on in Paris. Suddenly, someone screamed. It's coming from an alley on the other side of the street. We rushed to the scene and found a young girl tied up and blindfolded helpless on the floor, screaming hysterically.

"Calm down," I said as I soothe her, and she calms down. I untied her hands and remove the blindfold as she jerks a bit, her eyes streaming with tears.

"Detective Agatha! Someone tied me and left me here."

"Did you see their face?"

"No. All I know is that the person was wearing a black hoodie and was holding a piece of paper and a pen with some other guys before they tied me and left me here."

I then caught sight of a written work found next to her. It read:

You're smart and cunning but I've got tricks up on my sleeve. I watch your movement every day so get ready for the next game...

Those words haunted me like the person knew me and was watching my every move. But now wasn't the time to start freaking out; it was the time to catch that person.

This was something I had to ponder. She mentioned he did have a piece of paper and a pen in his hand... could it be the mystery writer? It had to be!

"Do you know where they went?"


"Thanks anyway."

We left the alley as Ben dragged me aside to talk.

"So, this mystery writer... how long has he or she been writing to you?"

"Well, just recently but they've written to me before, about a month ago."

"A month? Haven't you found out who the person is?"

That's the thing: As the best detective I am, I've never found the culprit, but I did know that they want trouble. It's like they want to drag my attention to someone but whoever it was, they need to learn a lesson.

"Let's go to Officer Jones... maybe he knows."

He drove off to the Police Station where we met Jones, sipping coffee and eating doughnuts. Typical.

"Officer Jones?"

He got a bit too startled and accidentally spilt his coffee all over his uniform.

"Hey, what's the big idea? Can't I have a cup of coffee and a doughnut in peace?"

"Err...sorry Officer but something is going on here; someone has been writing letters and kidnapping people for absolute fun!"

"Well, that person is kind of crazy and I think I may know the person..."

"You do?"

"Well, I did see some gang of boys outside and they're here at the police station; maybe you can interrogate them or something?"

He escorted us to the cells, and we saw a gang of boys locked up. I saw one with a pen and paper, just like the one the girl mentioned.

"Hey, you there! The boy in the black hoodie." I called out.


"So, you're the mastermind behind all those hide-and-seek games with me, right?"

But he gave me a blank stare like he didn't know what I was talking about.

"Um... what?"

"Don't play dumb with me...I know you're the one who's been kidnapping innocent people all in the name of playing hide-and-seek with me."

But I must've been raising a racket because the next thing I knew, eyeballs from different cells were all looking in my direction.

"You think because you're a detective, you can falsely accuse people. I was buying a cigarette at the store not kidnapping some person."

"Look here. You're wearing a black hoodie; the victim said 'you' were wearing a black hoodie so it must be you."

"You must be so daft that you think I would do such a thing."

I'm taken aback by these words. He kind of sounded convincing but I didn't fall for it.

"Look here, enough with the games already! I know you're the person who kidnapped that poor girl and left her there."

"Listen here: I am not a kidnapper, and I don't know you. I just came to buy some cigarettes at the store and now, you think I'm a criminal?"

I decided to stop asking questions before a fight was going to settle in.

"No clues. I guess I should just live like this." I sighed sounded.

'You sure about that? Last time I checked, Agatha Christie never gives up."

" Fine. Ok, you got me there again."

"We will find the mystery writer and put a stop to the kidnappings and letters." He reassured me as we left the police station.

He was right. I am Agatha Christie, the best detective in all of Paris and the woman who never backs down until the case is solved. Until the next case...

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The End

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NR Nelly Rose
The story was good, but I would like to know how she got the letter since she was having lunch with her boyfriend?
December 21, 2023, 09:55