Austin Davis

apocalyptic war torn world where fuel is abundant and tanks are mans best freind

Post-apocalyptic Not for children under 13.

#war #Slight humor
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I had worked my hole life to get to where I was and I didn't that just like that someone on the other side of the planet could undue everything. My name is Eric and I am writing this because even if you take out the 200 ways to die I am 92 percent sure I am already dead. In case you have been living in your bunker this whole time most of the world has gone to shit. Not in the usually way we all though like zombies and aliens but by tanks and guns. After WWIII which ended in nuclear fallout almost killed every one only an estimated 14 million are still left. Those number are old though because you cant really take a pole in the middle of a wasteland. most of the major populated cities were taken out. North Korea, China, and Madagascar  were all blown off the map. For the U.S. only Texas and Kansas were hit due to the early warning system but that didn't keep the nuclear wast from drifting in clouds killing most of Americans before we learned if the temperature rises quickly that you got an estimated 15 seconds to get inside and have a gas mask on.

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JT Jahlia Taylor
The writer is so talented. I suggest you join NôvelStar writing competition this April.
May 01, 2021, 12:23

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