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The second book of the Kingdom of Underath series! Prince Zagreus leads a comfortable life. Now, though, he became an adult and he has many responsibilities and many problems with his personal life. He will have to defeat the tribals of the sand, because of what they have done to him. Will he destroy this threat to the kingdom and become a proper prince?

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Chapter 1 "The Prince"

The wheat was flying in the air after I sliced it off with my scythe! Yeah, I destroyed our wheat, but still, I wanted to practise my skills! Oh yeah, I forgot. My name is Zagreus Quinland, and I am the prince of the Kingdom of Underath.

Also, I am 14 years old. No, wait, 15. At least I was that day. Because that day was my birthday! So, I was really happy. I was practising my skills, which is my most favourite hobby! I was smiling as I sliced off the wheat in an instant with my amazing scythe.

Or at least I thought it was amazing. But it wasn't that good. I made it myself with wood and a blade from a hoe. Now that I think of it, it was ok. So, I was having so much fun I forgot to hide it as my mum approached me.

"Zagreus, my love, what are you doing!?"

"Sorry, mum."

"You are lucky dad didn't see you. You know he wants you to learn the art of the sword."

"But I like scythes! There are both weapons, so what's wrong?"

"It's the tradition, Zagreus. The oldest princes learn the sword and the oldest princesses the bow. Like Charlotte!"

"Yeah but Charlotte likes the bow! But I don't like the sword... Lenora is the luckiest. She can do whatever she wants!"

"Oh, Lenora is 6!"


"Enough Zagreus. You have to get ready for your birthday ceremony. You are becoming an adult today!"

Since mum said it, I listened. Mum is the only one I listen to. She is really beautiful. She has long, dark hair and she always wears her tiara. Her face is pale and gentle, with blue eyes and round chicks.

She wore her usual yellow dress, which she liked since it had the colour of our flag. Without more talking, I followed her inside and we saw one of our maids, who was named Aika. Her mother was from the land of the fairies, and so she had a name from there.

She was so beautiful, as beautiful as my mum. And even more! She was blonde and had red eyes, something I had never seen before. She had a really cute smile and I used to give her flowers when I was younger. But now, I am getting a little embarrassed to do so.

Dad says I should be more of a man, and not have many interactions with servants. And as Aika grew up, she also seemed to get scared of dad and didn't hang out with me like before. That makes me sad, even today. Though, I don't want to grow up if I am going to be apart from my friend.

Damn it all! I thought and I madly put my good clothes on. I could hear the nobles coming one by one. Though, only the closest ones first. The servants were still putting decorations as the Sun was setting down.

I saw all of that when I left my room and ran to the balcony, to watch the sun setting. And she was there. I knew she was there...

"We used to see the sunset every day, remember?"

"Zagreus. You know we can't be friends. I am just a servant from RavenSlath. Your parents will never like it."

"Aren't I an adult?"

"You are a prince! You have responsibilities. Grow up already, Zagreus" Aika said finally and ran inside, hiding her face.

A tear went down my eye. But I didn't want to cry. I swiped it and got inside as well, and walked to my dad's room. I waited there while making some sketches. I drew myself with a scythe. Then, my dad came in.

"Happy birthday!" he said with a big smile on his face and kissed me.

"Thanks, dad!" I replied.

"Come on, come on. Leave the drawings now and let's go. The guests are waiting for you."

I nodded and followed him downstairs. When the nobles saw me, they clapped their hands and one by one, they wished me happy birthday. I thanked them all, shaking hands. Some bowed in front of them, but I made a signal to them to stop.

I learnt that from my dad. Whenever someone bowed he made them a signal to stop, since he wanted people to think he is friendly and modest. So, as I did that, he was really happy. Then, the musicians started playing and the nobles moved to the rhythm.

I sat in the side and talked with my friend, who also was a noble.

"Hey, look at that girls!" he said

"Yeah, they are nobles. They have come here at least twice this year."

"They are beautiful."

"I guess."

"Wanna go there?"


"Oh, come on Zagreus. When will you start talking to girls? Don't you know all the girls in the kingdom have a crush on you?"

"No, I don't think so."

"Are you delusional? They would all die for you. You can literally be with whoever you want. And kiss two or three. Have you ever kissed a girl?"


"Well, you can!"


"Go to the next one."

"That's not nice!"

"Oh, come on. You are a prince! You can do anything you want!"


I went away, and my dad came towards me, making me a signal to follow him. I looked behind once, and I saw my friend messing with the girls. He was also really handsome, but I didn't like how he treated girls.

I followed my dad until we reached the king of Woltine, Bairon.

He was caressing the hair of his 16-year-old daughter, Juliet. She was trying to escape his hand, but she couldn't. She saw me looking at her, and she blushed. Lord Bairon took my attention by wishing me a happy birthday. I thanked him.

"Zagreus, why don't you take this lady for a dance?"

I knew where he was taking it. Woltine and Underath are great allies, I guess they want me to marry Juliet. I didn't want to be rude, so I stretched my hand and I said with the most serious voice I could

"My lady, would you like to dance with me?"

Juliet blushed and held my hand, and I drove her to the dance floor. We dance and it was really nice. I looked at her pointy ears, which were really strange. To be honest, I didn't expect Kings to come here.

I left my thoughts to drift away and I focused on the princess. The nobles were looking at us with great admiration. Juliet smiled and winked at me. That made me blush, and also got me really happy as well.

And we danced and danced, and it was awesome!

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I enjoyed your chapter, nicely done.
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    Thxx. New ones are coming out today so tune in! April 03, 2023, 10:20

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