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Jackie, a resilient single mother of two daughters, found herself in a challenging situation after her separation from her husband. Despite their agreement to share custody of the girls equally, with one week spent with her and the other with him, Jackie was already struggling to make ends meet. The added stress of the custody arrangement was taking its toll on her, leaving her feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. To make matters worse, Jackie unexpectedly encountered a mysterious and strikingly handsome man who captured her attention and ignited a desire within her that she couldn't control. This is a story of love, passion, tragedy, and an insatiable thirst that couldn't be quenched.

Erotica Not for children under 13.
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Jackie was a single mother struggling to make ends meet, haunted by the thought of being unable to pay for her children's needs. Her meager income from her part-time job barely covered the rent and bills, leaving her in dire financial straits. She juggled multiple jobs while trying to be present for her children, stealing naps here and there just to keep going. The stress of it all made her feel like she was on an emotional rollercoaster - constantly on edge with no sense of when she would hit rock bottom. She spent nights tossing and turning, worrying about how she would finance their next meal, as creditors hounded her with relentless calls demanding payment. Jackie knew that something had to give before they were left without even the bare necessities- but what could she do?

She had been tirelessly applying for jobs every single day, but all her efforts seemed to have gone in vain as she still hadn't received any promising leads. The constant disappointment and rejection were taking a toll on her confidence, leaving her feeling lost and uncertain about her future. Every morning she would wake up with a glimmer of hope and renewed determination to find a job, but as the day progressed and the responses failed to come through, the enthusiasm slowly faded away into frustration and despair. She felt like she was standing on the edge of an abyss without any direction or support. The overwhelming feeling of helplessness and uncertainty was suffocating her as if it would swallow her whole. Jackie needed something to hold onto before she spiraled down into darkness.

If Jackie gave up, her girls would be left shattered and lost without their pillar of strength. She is the glue that holds them together through thick and thin, the one who guides them through life's storms with unwavering love and support. Her absence would leave a void in their hearts that could never be filled. They need her now more than ever before, as they navigate the treacherous waters of growing up in an unforgiving world. Without her there to protect and guide them, they would be vulnerable to the chaos that threatens to engulf us all. Jackie must stay strong for her daughters' sake, no matter what obstacles she may face along the way." So, she knew she had to keep going if not for her for them.

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HP Holly Price
I absolutely love this beginning your a natural. Keep up the amazing work
June 25, 2023, 07:17

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