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Chapter 1

Third POV:

For years Mexico has to deal with his fathers and grandfathers constantly fighting hes had enough of them his had enough of making hurt decisions just because he the prince he's had enough on the beating and everything he's had to go through over the years, so one night while the castle was completely silent he snuck on of the castle and ran as far as he could pas the walls into the deep forest once he knew he was far enough he ditch the crown and his clothes and sneaks his way on to a ship at the nearby port, he doesn't know where it will take him but as long as he's far enough away from here he's fine with it.

Time skip:

Mexico wonder the street of this strange new place. With a strange language he doesn't speak somebody wanted himself into the castle hopping he'd find something woh could help him, "hey how you get in here!" Someone yells from behind Mexico making him jump he turn to a tall male stand right behind him, not even 3 inches away woh he could only assume is a guarded by the golden armor the guy is wearing, Mexico's only instinct was to run and s he didn't but the guard wasn't to far behind "STOP!" The guard yells close behind. Suddenly the small country bumps into somebody causing him to fall on top of the person...

America POV:

I was just waiting through the hall when out of no where someone runs into me. "What the hell!" I shouted fall to the floor but once I open my eyes a felt my face heat up some guy is on top of me. Are face are so close there touching!. "My prince are you okay!" Ireland says push the guy off of me and pulling me to my feet "umm yeah I'm fine...stop calling me that just call me America" i says fixing my sun glasses. I glare a the guy to get a better look but quick look at him his pretty short and has green and red marking on him face but his not a peasant. For one he smell of roses and his clothes are way clean and net to by a peasant. "Who's he?" I ask turning to look at Ireland "I have no idea he just watched in and when I try to approach him he just ran?" Ireland says "he probably ran because you hold your sword" I say pointing to it "oh..sorry" Ireland put his sword back I turn my head I don't no why but this guy remains me of new Spain but I can't put my hands on.

"What's your name stranger" I say try to get past what happened and tr6 no to yell."M-Mexico!" Hey say clearly still shaken "Mexico eu.. cute name" I say not even trying to flirt but still he blushes "America I know that look what are you planing" Ireland says raising an eyebrow " What look?" I say sor sarcastically he roll his eye "fine do what you want but don't come cry and when it fails" irelands walking away, "well I yu just going to sit there come on" I say motioning for Mexico to join me.

Time skip to Mexico being in a semi large room.

Mexico POV:

It was pretty nice of that America guy to leaned me some new clothes though there not what I would usually wear but anything's better then my stupid Papa no Spain makes me wear, but I can't help but feel like America is planning something besides from what I can see from walk through the halls of this huge palace his family his very well known for there power and dominance beside no one would do this out of the kindness of there heart especially a prince of such high stature.

*knock knock*

"Come in" I say turn my head to the door to see a taller boy much taller the America Peer around the door "I-I h-ope I'm n-n-not bothering you" he say he says in voice soft and fearly like a little Gato (cat) " no no not at all" I say turning completely around "o-oh go-good" he says completely revealing himself "my names Canada or Cana of short (I know many people use Nada as Canada's nickname but I like Cana) and I'm america younger brother" he say to be honest I'm not that surprised my brother Columbia is way older then me but it much taller then me by like a whole 4 Centimeters " Nice to meet you señor my name's Mexico" I say extending my hand trying to com off as friendly " Nice to meet you too" he say shaking my hand

"you know you're actually pretty lucky America would usually get very mad at somebody who runs into him especially a lower class person...... not saying that you lower class! Its rare to see him be so generous it's kind of scary he usually doesn't let anyone wear his clothes." He says " so your brothers a jerk?" I ask " no not really he's just really protective oover his family and friends but over the last few months he become more passionate I guess you could say but he's also been more rebellious he hates keeping his hair short and wear his crown plus gets into heated arguments with our dad" Canada say looking at his feet, america kinda shows like me.. I guess that's one thing we have in common. "Oh but the real reason I'm here is my father wants to see you in the throne room" he say . I nod and follow him to the throne room..........

Mexico POV:

Canada lead my through about 5 floors and almost 20 flights of stairs but nothing I couldn't handle, Canada knock on the two large door "come in" I hear from the inside of the rooma huge room we walked into what I could only assume is the throne room, I got a bad feeling that everyone's looking at me, the first thing I noticed is America Stan in front/beside a tall man which look like the king and a taller women standing next to him. I bowed my head in respect

Third POV:

Mexico could feel the cold a unforgiving eye of Britain starring straight at me it sent a shiver don to the tip of his feet. "Well he's very well mannered " France say looking up at her husband." That may be so but I still don't trust him" Britain mutters under his breath but but remembering how America basically begged not sent the small Hispanic boy to the cold minis besides Britain is known for keeping his promise sometimes. "Well America told me about you. I'm not going to lie I would've exiled you if it wasn't for him so be greatful. Will let you sat here in the castle as long as you like but on one condition keeps my children out of harm and trouble especial America " Britain says upon hearing the that America was happy but didn't show it but gave Mexico a little smile which he noticed "I'in honored" Mexico says "oh one more think you'll have to attend study's with America since he tells you lack some basic English" Britain say Mexico just nods and head back to his room. The only thing he had keepin from Spain's places was his not-book and a teddy bear that his mother gave to him before she was killed.

Mexico over the next few days would get to know more of the people in the place while also keep watch over America and his siblings while also getting closer to America and Canada as well he came out with to nicknames that he used. Gringo was of America sense his usual very clumsy and stubborn and Maple for Canada do to Canada'# sweet tooth and how nice yet shy he is.

4 years later

Third POV:

'How'd I even get myself in to this. How did I let America talk me into doing his work.' Mexico thinks to himself as setting planters and blows on the large table. It's supposed to be his day off but there's some. Type of ball going on and America some how talked him into doing his work for him while him and his siblings go shopping or something like that. "Finally done" Mexico say knowing no one can hear him. "HEY MEXICO WE'RE BACK!!" Australia yells slamming the door against the wall knocking all decorations Mexico put up all by himself you could say Mexico was more then mad but he know better then to lash out at someone he was hired to watch. "Oops sorry mate" Australia say look at the decorations which now are on the floor "ah it's fine mi amigo"Mexico says picking them up again "oh when your done with that ame want to see you in his room" new New Zealand says pop up from behind Australia.,"oh Uh okay" Mexico say put the decorations back up.

After about two more hour Mexico was finally done and head upstairs o America room which is across the hall from his. But soon as he op the door.......Mexico walked In on talk American get changed...

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To be continued... New chapter Every 30 days.

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