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The self of awareness is a strong and crucial factor in life. But our path is chosen for us it is already chosen for u. But understanding it and what lies ahead beware of the troubles and upsets for only the strong prevail.

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A new page a new mystery of love... for my thoughts are disconnected from the one I thought I loved was not the only one or maybe only time will tell.

Love is yet another mystery which has become more perplexing every day. But one last time, I came to the conclusion that my fantasy is still there, for we shall meet again one day.

Now let's begin our dance yet again, one that will never end, forever as it goes on. My many sins of lust desire and my greatest sin LOVE.

Fulfilling the enviousness of our souls drains one another who as it takes its toll on the body, but is driven to continue. As like Dante has passed through the 9 Circles of Hell, I will also do so in order to reach my Paradise even if it is not what it seems. But a thought occurs to me. Why am i really doing this? Where's my strength to keep it that way. But looking around Ik there is one answer or multiple but in different scenarios.

You have to look inside to focus, and therein lies the key. One which must be open. The Path to Knowledge must be understanding and chosen everything on this journey will be tested. It will never end. Even if takes me to my death I will obtain the endless knowledge n understanding of the humans emotions. And the spiritual n divine mysteries of the existence

He suffers, he is drained, u he blinds u, he makes u hate people, he's going to rip ur mind apart, he manipulate u. Love is the worse feeling, LOVE is used in the wrong way. But when I seen her I looked into her eyes it showed me different the taste of it her presence her aura is so intoxicating like poison ivy so pretty but so deadly. You will kill for her, you will die for her, she will be empowered. Approach carefully and never let LOVE control you.


"From he is the one who is weakened will be paralyzed the one who is strong will lead in master himself."

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Michael Nichols Michael Nichols
Different, and I like it.
March 09, 2023, 18:36