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Nina Vozz and her team at the University of Applied Sciences are finally able to open a time rift. Tempted to be the first to travel back in time, Nina enters her own experiment and finds herself in 1780 in a village where nothing is what Nina had historically expected. This story is recommended for ages 18+ only. Contains nudity, sex, fetish material, value distortion and fantasy.

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University of Applied Sciences. Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Present.

Nina Vozz smiled one last time as she tightened a stubborn screw lying on the floor and covered in oil. His father's project - the late physical scientist Ondrej Vozz, son of French immigrants, was finally finished. Years studying experimental physics, years throwing away blueprints, leaves, burned out light bulbs, broken wires. Now the machine was ready.

Nina's slightly wavy yellow hair spilled out onto the floor as she wiped her hands on her jeans to concentrate on hooking up the bodywork. Her deep blue eyes filled with glee as she dropped everything to the sides and nonchalantly punched the final button.

- Nina! Oh my God! OH MY GOSH!

His co-worker's cheerful voice smiled. Vibrating. The device had turned on. Nina slid across the floor, rolling once over her arm, and admired the work once as she got up off the floor.

- Well, she does. He smiled, trying to keep his feet on the ground.

- Nina! It's on! - The thin, clearly Nordic and too blond man smiled, clapping his hands in the air, in his service overalls.

- Calm down, Kyle, it probably doesn't work. - Assessed the possibilities.

- Nina, we have a time machine on! - Smiled. - My God, let's test! What are we going to send to the past? A cheeseburger!

Nina smiled, patting her friend's back gently.

- We just built a time machine and your first thought is to send a sandwich back to the Stone Age? She raised her eyebrows deliberately.

- In the name of science, of course. - It got serious.

Nina thought the idea was amusing, and considered the possibility for a moment as she wiped the last of the grime off her purple zip-up sweatshirt.

- Organic matter. - He agreed thinking aloud. - We need to try with organic matter. That's a "for sure". Something alive would be interesting... my God, we'd be rich. - He thought for a moment, putting modesty aside.

- A mouse? There's like 20 in the neuroscience lab. I bet if we sent that chubby one back to the stone age, he'd turn into a dinosaur fillet in no time. for some fillet in no time. - What's your problem with that mouse? - She was shocked and looked seriously at her friend again.

- Have you seen how he looks at me? It's like he knows all my secrets...

- You have problems, seriously. - Laughed. - No, we will not send the mouse.

- Shit. - He punched the air. - Are you sure? He is the ideal guinea pig.

- It's a dumb guinea pig. He sighed, putting his hands on his hips. - We need someone who can document everything. Every experience. We need proof.

- A dog? Kyle asked. - They are smart.

- I will go. - He bit his lips.

- You?! - He got nervous, embarrassed, rubbing his hands. - You can't do that. You're kidding, aren't you?

- That probably won't work anyway. - Assessed the possibilities. - It would not be the first time.

- You can disintegrate. - It did.

- I will not disintegrate. This pile of junk will probably burn a few lights out before doing anything. - He was grabbing a hair clip and going to the front of the machine. - Come on, for science.

- I prefer science that won't disintegrate you, Nina. - Kyle was serious, but already walking to the controls.

- I'll come and go. That simple. I bury some story of mine, right here in the ground and we'll find that story when I get out of there. You know it's only going to take a second for you. I just need to get back to the rift when it opens again.

- You can't do that, Nina. The rift may not even open again. We don't know if the calculations are right.

- I spent 5 years doing those calculations- She felt offended. - The rift opens once a day. I will be there and return to our time.

- You intend to live one day in the past. Madness.... which year do you want? - He asked shaking his head negatively.

- 1600.... no, wait... 1780. It was a quiet year.

- I'm glad one of us studied Eastern European history. - He typed the numbers in disbelief. - Okay, reviewing the time travel rules.

- I say nothing about myself, nothing about my time. I cannot be seen.

- Not in jeans and a sweatshirt. Kyle laughed. - Are you sure this is what you want to do, Nina? We can send the mouse.

- Come on, Kyle, press that button so we can be disappointed and have a beer.

- You are the boss. Kyle agreed. - See you soon, boss.

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