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When you lose your parents at a young age, have no living family, and go through the system, all seems lost. But when you're taken to a lovely town with loving guardians and everything you ever wanted, you think you've won the lottery. But when things don't seem to click in this town, you do what you have to do to survive.

#10 in Thriller/Mystery Not for children under 13.

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Cindy's POV

When you lose your family, you lose a part of yourself—at least, that's what I hear. But I simply follow the rule instilled in me by my father. Don't let your feelings get the best of you. Focus on your goals. We have no family; both my parents were orphans, so my brother and I only have each other.

Arnold, like my mother, has a gooey center.

My father hardened me early; he was a politician and a ruthless businessman. He wanted me to follow in his footsteps. He was such a force to be reckoned with, like a tiger on the prowl, ready to pounce on anyone you dare cross him.

I want to be just like him, my father wasn't afraid of anything and never showed weakness. But that also means everyone believes I don't care that they are dead; my brother would believe I was cold too if it weren't twins.

He believes that I may still be in denial.

Today they are taking us to a new home. We refused to be separated, and It's the only place that will take us both. We were already at a disadvantage because we were teenagers.

Those willing to adopt teenagers would only take one of us. Arnold would not accept he still has nightmares and doesn't want me away from him. But he is trying to be brave. And I'm proud of him for trying considering my parents are no more, and we must look out for each other.

As our social worker drives us through the town's white gates, I question whether this town will ever feel like home. Or are we in for another ride as we've been experiencing for the past month? Will we find peace or will this be another war? In any event 'welcome to Caster'

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Marilyn Lindoor Marilyn Lindoor
Nicely written, I was definitely inside her head and could relate to how she was feeling
February 09, 2023, 06:28

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