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The method of controlling and weilding dreams.

Inspirational Not for children under 13.

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As a child I found myself plagued with reoccurring bad dreams, some time it would be falling dreams, or dreams of being left somewhere, some would be in haunted houses and others simply walking down the road and a dog attacks me, waking me up.

Funny enough none of this had ever happened to me in my real life, I didn't understand what dreams were so I was very afraid.

The first time I "awakened" in my dream, which is to be in a dream and be consciously aware I am dreaming, I had a dream I was in a shopping centre with my mother and siblings, casually walking, when I hear a loud roar!

Naturally as a child my mind immediately assumes "dragon", I turn and my family runs away leaving me there.

This perticular dream I had had a number of times, some times the roar would wake me, other times I would search for the dragon or run around the shopping complex.

On one of my searching attempts I found a fireman's pole, I know what your thinking, "in a shopping centre.... really?" but it's true.

As I looked down I could see no end and the first time I heard the roar again from down the bottom instantly waking up from the dream.

The second time though, I did not, I infact realised I was back in the same dream, which previously had never happened, I was "along for the ride" so to speak.

I spent what felt like half an hour staring at the pole thinking I would find this dragon if I went down.

I decided to do it! I jumped and slid down, but I did not find the dragon. instead as a landed at the bottom I infact landed on a rocky shore side, holding a sword which I had created with the intention of fighting the dragon, upward into the air.

It was at this moment I once again awoke in reality, but something had changed, I knew I had changed something, I had made things happen that never happened before.

And little did I know, but that one moment was the beginning of my dream journey, into fully understanding what dreaming was, and how to use it.

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