Lynette Joy

Memories of the Lost is about that exactly. In the stars there lives a girl who cares for the dreams in the world. But now she is soon going to see something more... Something that will haunt her... Something that will scar her forever... And it just might be the end of the world...

Short Story Not for children under 13.
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Up in the stars

Up in the world above I was surrounded by the dreams of the world below. I was here to garden them. To nurture and grow them. To someday when the time was right, make them come true. I was here in the morning after the sun had made his hike to wake up the new dreams. To make them grow from a spark to a fire in the hearts of dreamers. I loved awakening new dreams but I always felt a needle pierce my heart. Living among dreams I couldn't dream myself. I lived amongst hope but I had none. I lived amongst love but I had none. I lived amongst peace but I had none. I was in the stars for a reason but I could not determine it. I longed to live amongst the dreamers. To be anywhere but this lonely place up in the stars.

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