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Majesty Day wants to find her true self. She's always felt like just a piece of a bigger picture. Growing up, all that mattered was school, and everything else was second. It never occurred to her how much she needed to grow. After a rough breakup, she wants to focus on herself, make her grandma proud, and become someone important someday. With her love life on the back burner, she was not expecting to meet such a peculiar man named Arthur J. Collins, aka JC; she could not stay away. Follow Majesty on this journey of finding herself through the dramas of life, relationships, love, and all things adult.

Memoir & Life Stories For over 18 only.

#findingyourself # #collegestudent #impostersyndrome #careerchanges #chooseyou #personalnarrative
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I dedicate this book to all the goody two shoes, growing teenagers, and young adults out there who are now trying to find themselves through all the environmental and emotional changes happening in their lives. It's hard now but it will get's all in the experience.

- P

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