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Zamora,Zulia and Flina;three princesses left alone after their kingdom was overthrown by their father's murderer. In order to survive they must leave their kingdom and royal life living under the guise as mere commoners in another land In search for help,they find feelings they could never explain,mysteries about the kingdom they grew up in How would they get their kingdom back or is it no longer theirs Albetius where art thou? Neodessa fallen but not forgotten

Romance Erotic For over 18 only.

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The Royal Family of Neodessa

Zamora POV

Mother paces around the room slowly and finally looks at me

"In a Kingdom the King and Queen are very important, but do you know the most important thing?" She asks

"Yes mother,The people of the Kingdom" I answered

"I am disappointed in you,The people are important but the most important thing is the Bloodline,the next to the throne and you are the next to the throne" she said firmly

"Yes mother"

"You must be smart,sharp and very reliable as you are the next heir,My first daughter the next to the Throne" mother added

"Yes mother" I said again

She walks closer to me

"I have no son and I can't let your other sisters take over,you're the only hope this kingdom has,It's your responsibility. Do you understand?"

"Yes mother"I nodded

She caresses my face and gives me a peck on my forehead

"That's the end of today's lesson,I'm off to see Your Highness." She walks out of my room

Zulia walks in,

"Sister,love to go outside and play?" Zulia asked

"I can't,I'm busy" I said

"You're always busy,doing this or doing that,taking lessons and learning stuff ... you don't have fun with us anymore" she whines

"Okay I'll come outside today" I followed her out

Flina waiting for us patiently

"She finally agrees to play with us?" Flina jumps in excitement

We walked to the field

Flina kept picking up flowers and singing as the wind blew,she always had the nicest voice in the castle

Zulia practiced her archery

"Wow Zulia,you've gotten really good" I praised her

"Yes sis,I might be a girl but I'm going to protect this kingdom during war" she said fiercely

I smiled cheerfully, I missed having fun with my sisters

We had fun and forgot about the time

I saw a woman from afar approaching us

"Ohh no!, it's the queen" Flina said

Mother got closer,filled with fury

"How dare you!!!" she yelled at us

"Zamora,I'm dissatisfied with this behavior of yours,are you meant to waste your time out here, it's not fit for the next King to play such petty games" Mum said angrily

"Mum but she's a--" Flina tries to talk, but mother interrupts

"Don't address me as mum outside the castle I am the Queen, I can't believe I am your mother,playing outside with dirt and you call yourself a princess, and you! Zulia you're not a boy,it's unfit for a princess to play with an arrow, you're meant to be elegant"

"Your majesty,I'm sorry I came out with my sisters,I just thought of building our relationship it's been a while we played together and ..." Mother interrupted me

"And what?... you three get back inside " she said

Zulia disagrees

"Your Majesty,I am not Zamora that you can control my life,i understand you're worried there's no male heir to the kingdom but you're going to far, Zamora needs space, it's her life"she yelled as she runs off

really fast

"Zamora,take Flina back to the castle,I'll get Zulia back" Mother tells me

I listened and did as she told me

Hours went by and Mother finally comes back into the castle

"I can't find Zulia" she cries

"Was I too harsh?,It's just unfit for a princess to act like a boy,so rough and not noble-like,I didn't meant to..."she kept crying

My father comforts her,He ordered the guards to search for Zulia.

Time passed and the moon sets and yet Zulia hasn't been found.

Tension filled the castle...

Mother couldn't sleep and stood outside the first gate for the return of her daughter

The guards finally brought Zulia back but she seems different,

Zulia walks quietly with a wolf by her side

I ran out to hold my sister

Mother hugs her tightly

"Why did you run off?" she cries more

"Can I keep him?" Zulia points at the wolf

"Huh?" Mother gave her a look of discomfort

"Yes,I'm glad you're back, I won't forgive myself if I ever lost you, you're part of the Bloodline to Kingdom Neodessa"

Zulia didn't say a word and just walked back in with the wolf to her room


The next day.

Father called the three of us to the hall,he was seated on his throne with mother by his side

"With what happened yesterday, I had a talk with Zulia and I've decided to grant each one of my daughters one wish,no matter what it might be" Father said

Zamora will you go first

I looked at my mother,who knew what I wanted to wish for,I don't want to be the next heir,I just want to live a normal princess life,I don't want to rule any kingdom,

I just want to be free....

"Since I became 16 you've been training and teaching me how to rule the kingdom, I want 2 days off to myself,no lessons" I said

"Wish granted" Father said

Mother looks annoyed with my Wish but can't go against father's words

"Zulia your turn" Father said

"I want to learn swordmanship,archery and to improve my physical strength"

"I disapprove to that "Mother says as she stands on her feet

"Father will you grant my Wish?" Zulia said paying no attention to Mother

"Yes,your wish is granted,I'll let you train under the military of the kingdom"

"Thanks Father " she bows with a happy face

"Father can I use my wish another time,not now?"

Flina asked

"Yes my princess"

Flina bows and takes her leave,Father exits the halls also,leaving Zulia,mother and I.

Mother walks towards Zulia

"Why would you do that,what kind of a wish was that?" Mother asked

"Your Majesty I have no response,If you'll excuse me." She bows and walks away

"I'm your mother,how dare you walk away?"

Zulia turns back

"The minute you took over Zamora's life,you ceased being my mother,you're nothing but the Queen to me" she said.


she bows then walks away

Mother looked unhappy and walked out

I couldn't help in the situation.


Don't fight because of me... my life doesn't belong to me anymore

Eimy Mabel

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