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Have you ever been popular? Have you ever wondered how it feels like having all that control? Follow my instructions carefully and maybe you could be as popular as me one day, maybe.

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The rush you get when everyone's looking at you with fear in their eyes, praying not to be your next victim. The feeling of confidence when all the guys want you and all the girls want to be you.

That's what popularity feels like. To know you have utmost power and everyone's at your beckoning call, even the adults.

Hey there, I'm Ashley the most popular girl at Greenwood High. Are you popular or ever have been? Do you know what it feels like to wheild so much power?

If you haven't then this is your lucky day. Take this book and follow my instructions. By listening to me I'll teach you how to quickly climb up the social ladder to popularity using a little something I call, The Ins and Outs of Popularity. Good luck my muse and remember popularity can suck you in like a vaccum.

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