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Laney is the girl that everyone wants to be. Shes popular, dating the quarterback, and in more school clubs than you could count. On the surface at least, behind the scenes is a different story. Polly is the opposite of Laney. She's the girl no one sees. Homeschooled, confined to her home by illness, and lacking in a social life outside of her family. What happens when the two are thrown together by unfortunate circumstances? Can the bond of an unlikely friendship stand the tests of life?

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Does anyone ever know when they wake up that this day is the one? The big, momentous day that is going to change the course of their life? Is there a feeling you get when you wake to the sound of your alarm on what should be an ordinary Monday morning? Maybe it feels like butterflies fluttering around in the pit of your stomach for what you think is no reason at all. Or, maybe it's tingles running up your body, toes to nose, like that Colbie Caillat song. For me, there was nothing like that. Maybe there is for others on a life changing day; but, for me, it was just another Monday. If there were signs something momentous was about to happen, it would have been nice to know.

I don't suppose there is a parenting book out there that teaches a parent how to prepare their child for the upending of their world due to the other parent's addiction. If there's not, someone should definitely write it. My mom could have used a few pointers in her delivery. Before you get ahead of me in your assumptions here, my dad doesn't have a drug addiction or anything like that. No, his addiction is probably more subtle. Not one you would ever guess from talking to him or looking at our picture perfect family.

Do they have support groups for families with this kind of addiction? Maybe I'll start one right here. It is my journal after all. My therapist said I could write whatever I wanted. So, hello, my name is Laney James. I live with my mom and dad in a beautiful, expansive, single story ranch style home. And, yes, we do have a white picket fence. Oh, what's that? Why am I here you ask? Well, my dad has a gambling addiction. It's nice to meet everyone.

So, yeah, that's why my life has suddenly turned upside down and I have to see a therapist under duress supplied by my mom. Apparently, they make rehabs for this type of addiction, too. That's were my dad is at. He checked himself in a couple weeks ago, right after gambling away all our income and savings. Mom woke me up so I could say goodbye to my dad, though I didn't know he was going anywhere. Of course, my mind goes in a hundred different direction. Where was he going? Why was he leaving? Were they getting a divorce? A business trip? Nope, none of the above. He had an addiction to gambling, thought he could double our savings, ended up putting us in the black hole of debt, and was checking himself into rehab.

And what was my mom's plan to remedy the situation you may ask? Rent out half our house to complete strangers. Stay tuned.

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