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satorimasae Satori Masae

How much can a person's life change in just 6 months? That is the question that the little girl asks herself while traveling by train back home after a traumatic event happened in her new school.

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Back at home

Some months passed since she left that city, but everything inside her changed abysmally and did nothing else but lower her low mood.

- Hyaaa. - She released a long and nostalgic sigh. Meanwhile she was going up through that large hill which, unlike the rest of the city, did not seem to change at all.

Finally she reached the top of the hill, where she was received by a cold breeze. - It would have been better to come in summer and not in winter. - Thought, to her, insides the little one, but if she meditated in the current situation she was in, currently as a fugitive, she had not the right to complain.

- Ah, I would like to see those two again. - She said, vaguely, while she imagined the surprise expression of them after telling them that she commit a very serious crime, and now she is a fugitive, and also her family gave her the back.

Only 6 months passed since the summer festival where Ryuki declared his love in that same hill, a day before going to Tokyo, and she still remembers how nervous and insecure she was, because she never was too comfortable using yukatas, but the “it really suits you” that he said made her very happy.

What would he think about her after he realises what did she do? Would him believe her, unlike her father? The more she thought about it, the more she felt her head was going crazy.

Since she arrived to Tokyo she had such a very bad luck because of her province accent, unlike Kanagawa, she was not able to make friends in her new school, being victim of bullying by her classmates. Nevertheless, the most traumatic of this situation was discovering her father going out from an hotel with another woman. She knew that something was wrong between her parents, and after that event, the situation became more annoying in her family, because her father didn’t talk to her again, until that fateful day when he called her a monster.

Even after thinking about the scene in the last three days, she could not still understand how did she end in that situation in which, without knowing how, she ended holding between her hands one classmate, the one that attacked she everyday, now agonizing, with a mortal wound in the belly. No matter how hard she tried to close the wound, she could not stop the uncontrolled blood flow. In front of her there was her father with a grimace of terror that she never saw before, with the face completely pale, trying to find the way to react to that macabre spectacle.

- Dad! - She said, mildly, trying to find help in its progenitor, at the same time that she was trying to avoid the mortal liquid secretion to keep flowing through the classmate wound. She felt how the girl tried to put pressure in the wound at the same time she babbled some words. - Mom. - She said, with a voice tone so low that was hardly noticeable, while some tears flowed through those empty eyes, and she felt as if that girl’s body just lost some weight.

That image made her squirm a bit, and she was thankful for not eating in those 3 days of journey. Otherwise, surely, she would puke everything in the place.

- You have to believe me, Hitsugi! She is only lying! - A discussion from a couple distracted her a bit from her thoughts. Then she remembered that the hill was commonly visited by couples because of the beautiful views from the city that you have there.

A slight red blush crossed her face when thinking that all the people there would be couples, and she was the only lonely girl there.

- What would they think if they knew that the lonely girl was, in reality, a pitiless murderer that stabbed and abandoned her classmate, bleeding out? - A malicious voice in her head read her thoughts in a sarcastic tone and, instead of regreting it, strangely, it made she feel a bit relieved.

- You are the only person in the world I care about. - Those words made her out of her incipient madness because of the ansiety and the hungry of the last days and, even if that couple was backlit and you could not see it clearly, the silhouette and familiar voice of both of them gave no room for doubt about their identity.

- So this is how things are. - She said, with a muted voice and eyes, while her down head only allowed her to see some wilted leaves playing arround her feet, entrained by the cold winter wind.

- Chio! - The couple said, at the same time, while they tried to recover form after that passionate kiss.

- What are you doing here!? - Sai, loudly, what attracted the attention of the other couples in the place.

- I am… only… er… - Chio hesitated and, suddenly, she felt like in those days where the three of them played together in the city streets that seemed to, after she left, forget her, along with the memories, pains and joys that they lived in those 12 years.

In fact, I had some problems with my parents and… - Chio tried to clear her voice. - I only… thought about coming here. Yes, I’m a fool… - She said, at the same time she tried to smile while some tears flowed down from her eyes.

- Chio, this is not…! I, us… - Hikari babbled, awkwardly, trying to find the correct words to explain the situation to her best friend, but she knew that it was impossible because, at the end, she succumbed to her feelings and ended betraying, not only her best friend, but also herself.

- It does not matter, it’s okay. - Those words hurt even more Hikari’s heart that, unable to face her best friend, put the head down. She would like her friend to shout at her, claim or tell her that she hated her for the betrayal.

- Here nothing seems to have changed a lot like in the city. - She said, while she was giving the back to those two and looked at the views from the city that, in the past, was her home. In her insides she thought that she was selfish because of wanting to retain Ryuji, even more knowing that, for her crime, she would spend some years in prison. However, another part of her was resisting to leave things as they were.

- Nonetheless, the views are still beautiful. - She said, at the same time that she turned back to see them for the last time, trying to hold the tears. - I like that you are happy. - She said, before starting to run down the hill.

- Chi, wait! - They shouted, at the same time they started to run towards her, when a dozen of black-dressed men lunged into them and threw against the floor her old friend.

- What is happening!? - Ryuuji said, while he was thinking what to do to rescue Chio.

- Leave her alone! - Hikari shouted, at the same time she tried to attack one of those mastodon that, easily, could smash her head with only closing the hand.

- You better stay away of that girl, or else you can get hurt. - She heard a cold voice coming from a short and black haired woman that was getting close to them.

- Mom… - Chio said, with no force in the voice, seeing a look that she never saw before in the woman’s eyes . - This girl is a danger for everyone, she lost her humanity, so I recommend you to forget about her. - The woman said, while she was putting an inyection in the girl’s arm.

A sudden cold went through her arm to, then, cause a heavy pain, what started to make her body squirm dramatically in the ground, making the spectacle even more colorful to the people that was there.

- Don’t stay there! Help me grab her! - The woman shouted, irked, then went back and started walking down the hill, when a black van stopped in front of her.

- It took you too much time. - Someone said, with disinclination, from the insides of the van, at the same time that a dozen of men tried to fight to control Chio, that was lying in the ground, trying to get free from her captors. However, one of them was sent flying and was close to fall off the cliff.

Ryuji and Hikari, that were following Kana Megumi movements, forgot completely their friend, lying in the ground, and were only following that woman with the eyes. She was like a second mother for them and, in a lot of situations, was their accomplice in a lot of troubles that they were in. She always mediated in front of their strict parents, so they could not recognize that cold person that was in front of them.

- Sorry, mom! - Chio’s groans and pleas filled the air, making her friends react to try to help her, when another guy was sent to fly to the air.

- Be careful! - Ryuji shouted, at the same time she jumped towards Hikari and avoided her to be crushed by the guy.

- What the hell is happening here!? - They asked, when Kana came back again with another injection, this time with a phosphorescent liquid inside.

- You really like to cause trouble… - She said, emotionless, at the same time she injected the new liquid, that got vaporised mildly at the girl’s skin contact.

- Arrgghh! - Chio screamed, while she tried to handle that intense burning in her insides.

- I’m sorry mom, I swear to you I’ll never do that again! I swear that I’ll be a good girl! - She managed to scream, but an spectral cold would take control over her and start to absorb her forces.

- Chio! Chio! - She heard her friends yelling and, at the same time, her mind fell slowly inside a deep darkness.

So, at the end, they still cared about me. - She thought. - What a shame… - She said to herself. Not only Hikari succumbed to her feelings, but also herself. The difference between them was too big, because her best friend betrayed her to be happy with the person she really loved. At the other side, she could not handle the pressure and murdered a classmate because of all the feelings she had inside.

- I really hate AntroPort. - She babbled, while her consciousness faded in that cold darkness.

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To be continued... New chapter Every 30 days.

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