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Her Nightmare...

Ananya pov:

Karthik wait. I can't run any more. I'm really tired.My legs are paining please wait a minute. Suddenly I found a car rushing towards us and we again started running.The car was on full speed .Karthik had a tight grip on my hand but suddenly he left my hand and pushed me towards the other side of the road and the car hitted Karthik with full speed..

Karthik!!! I screamed.

Suddenly I opened my eyes.I looked at the surrounding It look really familiar to me.Ya it was my room . I'm on my bed.IT'S A DREAM.Yes a bad dream no its a nightmare. I got up from bed and looked at the clock it was 4 in the morning.I can feel sweat drops on my forehead.

Immediately I took my phone and called to my friend Naina.It was ringing but there is no response. I tried again.. but there is no response.

Please Naina lift your mobile please.. my hands were shivering. she is not lifting my calls. I tried many times but their was no response.

Oh God!! What happened? Why is she not lifting my calls?Is everything OK there?I again tried calling her..

This time.I should really thank God because she lifted my call.I am very happy to hear her voice.I Relaxed a bit by hearing her voice.

She said Hello!!She again asked Hello Ananya.Are you there??

Then I came out of my senses.

"Haa yes I am here .where are you Naina? I called u many times.. Why are you not lifting my calls?",I yelled at her.

I can hear her laughing..

Why is she laughing??I want to kill you Naina. why are you laughing?I shouted at her.

I'm sorry Ananya..First clam down yourself..According to GMT It's 2Pm in India and I'm busy with my work in the hospital .So I didn't lift your call.

How many times I told to you to not to avoid my calls?I asked her with low voice.

"Hey Ananya I'm really sorry. Firstly tell me what happened?why are you so tensed? "She asked.

"How did you know that I am tensed ?"I asked her.

"Your voice is shivering and I can guess that you are crying?Why did you call me this late night?" she asked me.

"How is Karthik? Is everything fine there ?"I asked her with tears in my eyes.

"Karthik is good.He is responding to the medicines verywell. Soon we can see our smiling Karthik", she replied.

"By the way why are you crying?", She asked me.I told her everything about my dream.

"Ananya it's just a dream. Karthik will be fine because I am there to take care of him..please don't worry about him. " she said.

"But my past is killing me every time I had lost my friend Riya, Now if anything happens to Karthik I can't live on this earth",I told her crying.

"Please don't cry..nothing is going to happen to Karthik. Take care of yourself Ananya.I am here to take care of Karthik ",she said.

"Thank you naina..your the most important part of my life. ",I said.

"I don't expect thanks from you Ananya.By the way tell me when are you coming back to INDIA,I am waiting for you ?",she asked me.

"Naina I'm about to complete my training .I am waiting for the lastday of my training.

May be by next week I will leave this New York where I had a lots of memories with Kartik and Riya.I just want to leave this place as soon as possible because I can't live without them here alone.'I told her.

"Ananya please come fast I am waiting for you", she said.

" A smile came on my face .OK naina I will be there soon" .I replied.

"Fine,now go and sleep I think you have to go to Hospital tomorrow",she said.

"Ok Naina.Take care of yourself and Karthik",Saying this I disconnected the call.

I laid on my bed tried to sleep for some more time.But I cant sleep anymore.All memories with Riya and Karthik are flashing in my mind but I closed my eyes to sleep for some time.

I heard my alarm ringing I opened my eyes then I got up from my bed and walked towards the window.

I slowly opened the window, a cool breeze touched my face. As it was winter it is still dark outside. I was still thinking about my lastnight dream, a silent tear escaped from my eyes.

If any thing happened to Karthik what should I do?I should save him at any cost .He should become normal.I was thinking about Karthik 's condition.

Suddenly I heard someone knocking my door.I went near and opened the door .I saw my maid who was smiling making her white teeth flash. I smiled back and wished her good morning.she is not only my maid but also a good friend.

'Ananya I had prepared break fast for us, so get ready fast we can have it. ', she said.

'ok Roswy ...I will come with in 15 minutes',I told her.she again smiled and went downstairs.

I opened my cupboard and picked my favourite tank top and jeans .I went to washroom and took a hot shower.I got ready with in 10 minutes.I went to check myself in mirror.I was looking perfect but I felt like something was missing , my smile which I had lost a long ago. My face looked pale and dull. I just took a long breath and assured myself that every thing will be OK.

I came out of my room and went straight to dining hall .I saw Roswy waiting for me I smiled at her. We had our breakfast silently.At last I byyed her and came out from my house.

I started walking along the footpath.Many memories were flashing in my mind. Riya and Karthik they are the only people who care for me.

Not even my dad cared for me.
But Now I'm alone.I reached my Hospital where I completed my training as a neurologist.I love my profession It was Riya's dream to see me as a doctor.Now she is not there with me.I lost everything My Mom,My Father's love,Now Riya.

What's going in my life??
I just hate this city where I lost my friend.
I HATE YOU ...New York

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