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it's a story about a 100-year-old guy Steven who doesn't became old since his 20. 80 years ago, he lost his first love Natalia during the fight between the blue dragon and the red dragon man who was fighting to get back the pearl from Natalia. she accidentally took the pear when the blue dragon man and the red dragon man came to the earth first time. after 80 years later, he meets Natalia again but not with the same name but the same face. even though, she was already into there guy named duri who is the senior guy from her college. Steven trying so hard to approach her but, she trying to escape from her time. in the meantime, there was a secret about stern which is coming to light when the blue dragon got murderer by Laura's grandmother. Laura is steven's granddaughter, she has a crush on the blue dragon man.

Paranormal Lucid All public.

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Chapter 1 his meet with his destiny

80 years ago, the blue-colored sea suddenly changed to red like blood. Above the sea, there was a lot of red lightning striking the sky, and with the wind blowing around that side like it was terrifying the world, the silent sea water slowly moved and made a noise with a giant wave as it joined with the rhythm of the lightning.

Suddenly, a red dragon comes down as the fire burns, splitting the sky, and there is a blue dragon chasing after it. That looks like wrapping by the chilled water.

The blue dragon got the red dragon, and they were falling with that furious fighting.

The red dragon can't hold the blue dragon's catch, so its body burns even more to increase its power. The thunder makes a lot of irritating sounds as it makes the atmosphere dangerous to see.

But there was a strong lightning strike that tapped the power of the red dragon, which was about to blow up the blue dragon.

That power fell directly into the sea as the light passed, and it changed into the sculptor. After that, the sky changed to normal and the sea calmed down.

Thereafter, the blue dragon fell into the seawater, and its long, giant dragon body changed into a human.

That red dragon's body was engulfed in flames and fell into the sea with great fury, and the body also changed into a human man.

He stands up in the water and looks around the empty water. He also checks his human body and tries to create power by crossing his hands, but nothing seems to work.

A few months later,

On the beach side, the dawn sunlight illuminated the beach sand.

A handsome 20-year-old guy stands on the beach with his iris shining, looking at the water. He was tall, had a slim body, and had a charming cheek too, but his full face looked like it was swaying in the depression.

At the time his eyes saw a young girl coming from the seawater as the sun's rays fell on her backside, which made his vision none too clear; she stumbled as she walked, at last reaching the seashore, and fell.

He slowly moves near to her, sees her glamorous face, and notices that blood is continuously flowing from her head.

He was frightened in a second when he saw her necklace, which was made up of one pear.

His face is afraid to take her to the hospital. but his hands are squeezed with confusion after seeing her blood flow continuously.

Meanwhile, he takes her to the hospital.

At the hospital, the doctor said that she got amnesia while she was gazing at him.

He takes a few steps back as soon as he hears him say she got amnesia.

"Who are you to her?" the doctor asked.

"I am her brother," he said, bewildered and glazing the window as he opened his mouth.

She grinned and called him "brother."

He saw her and got embarrassed by hearing her excited voice.

"Take good care of her," the doctor said, tapping his leather with a caring smile.

"Hah, okay," he nodded.

After the doctor left the place, he sneaked up to her and asked her who she was.

"I am your sister," she grinned innocently.

His deep sigh and his hand on his head show his stress has increased.

He slowly sneaked away from her when she was staring at him without even blinking.

When he opened the door, leaving her alone, he suddenly stopped to take further steps as he remembered the doctor's words about her current condition.

The doctor's words moved in front of his eyes: he needed some rest, and if she was any more scared, she could die.

He slowly turns his head to her as the words have ended. He couldn't resist her situation.

So he turns his step back toward her and says, caringly, "Take rest well."

and he left from there.

"Bye, brother," she delightedly said.

His tired feet slowly move to the bed, and he falls on the bed in that lonely, dark room.

There was a college bag collapsed on the ground. He falls asleep in a second as his front body touches the bed.

His phone rang, disturbing his deep sleep. He rolled his tired eyes while answering his phone.

That was his college friend, Smith.

"Steve, steve"

"I need some help," he cried out on the phone.

He yawned, and he fluttered at hearing his scared voice, and he said, "Okay, okay, stay there."

He ran on that dark road; there was only one street light on his street.

He reached the restaurant and went in; there was his friend, having a lot of variety of foods on the table and eating peacefully.

Steven sighed immediately after seeing him in peace, and he moved forward, asking, "Why do you call me?" And he sits in front of him with those tired shoulders.

"Pay for me; I'd forget to bring my wallet," he said carefreely, chewing his mouth full of meat.

Steven puts some money on the plate and stands up to leave.

Then, Smith said bye to him without any shame, and he grinned delightfully.

Steven headed directly to the hospital and saw her sleeping cutely.

He left the place silently by slowly shutting the door, and he went to sleep in his home.

The next morning, the sunlight gave some brightness to his house.

Steven gets ready for college with those half-sleeping eyes. When he was about to leave the house, his mind remembered something, and he went in with a lunch bag.

In the hospital, that girl was sitting silently on the bed, glaring around the wall. He entered with the lunch box and gave it to her gently without saying anything.

She ate well, but during that she felt her head was hurting like hell, so she dropped the spoon and, pressing her head hard with that squeezed face, shouted.

He was frightened and asked, "Are you alright?"

She fainted as her face fell on his arms when he came closer to her.

He called the doctor. The doctor tests her.

"Don't worry, it's a symptom of getting memories back," the doctor said.

He was sighing, relaxed.

He put her to sleep when she hadn't awakened from the faint and left the place.

In the classroom, a few hours later,

a professor called for Steven.

He asked him to take the seminar for tomorrow's class and also said that he should take a seminar with his girl classmate, who was called Ananya.

His eyes got wide upon hearing her name.

He was delighted and said okay to him.

That red dragon man came out of the sea to the land with a furious look, and he was naked.

He takes the clothes from the dustbin and puts them on. Then he kept walking along the street.

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