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This is the first step to Morgan's story in the Morotho galaxy as she attempts to fight a rising military power firstly know as the Harron Protection Service and mind manipulating chips. With the help of her friends, she tries to stomp out the flames of the rising empire. In her attempts, she becomes a symbol for hope and a spokesperson for a secret organization.

Science Fiction Dystopia Not for children under 13.

#horror #politics #witches #sciencefiction #worldbuilding #military-sci-fi #liberty #liberation
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Chapter 1

A small hammerhead cruiser glided to the atmosphere of planet Toris. A red triangular symbol was represented on the side of the ship, with lights that displayed it among the blackness of space. The symbol was an incomplete triangle, the bottom left out, three lines displayed on the interior. It was the symbol of the Harron Protection Service (HPS). A man by the name of General Morris Gadge walked the halls which were colored white, red, and black. His uniform had the same color pallet with the same symbol as the ship’s exterior. General Morris side stepped, letting a group of soldiers dressed in red armor pass by with large pulse rifles. Their faces were covered in black glass that obscured their identities. Yet another sign of corruption, He thought. He walked past a conference room in which there were crew members swiping in thin air, looking at important files with his brain chip. One member swiped down, projecting a hologram from the table, showing detailed layouts of buildings to the rest attending the meeting.

General Morris shook his head at the scene. Toris distributed technology, oh the future! He recalled the slogan of the technology distributed from planet Toris. Everyone should own one! Boys and girls, men and women of all ages. Watch as they integrate seamlessly into all of your technological ecosystems including your ships and weapons! And so nearly everyone did purchase the chips. They had them implanted surgically and they were indeed powerful. They changed the lives of everyone, whether that be for the better or the worse, things changed. Some people were worried about what the chips could accomplish but most mindlessly purchased the next best piece of technology and had it surgically implanted into the brain. Could they manipulate people? Could they make people see things that weren’t really there? Could they kill anyone when a higher up flips a switch? Of course not. And of course, we must always have the best here at the HPS, He thought.

Lost in thought, Morris finally reached the bridge of the ship (the control room), snapping back to reality. He glanced at everyone working on the computer terminals, operating the ship. They saluted him. The stars outside entranced him as he looked at the sparkling things. Light was casted into the bridge windows from the star of the Morotho galaxy. The sound system dinged.

“There’s a Hammerhead dreadnought approaching, sir,” A crew member said.

“Was there a Grand Admiral scheduled to come to Toris?” He asked.

“No,” Another said.

Morris looked up through the bridge windows. A hammerhead dreadnought, much larger than their ship levitated above. It was blackened and no lights were activated. Beams of light cascaded out of its hull. It must be horribly damaged, the hull is penetrated.

“How many life forms are there? Detect them through the chips.”

“None,” A crew member replied.

Four specs flew down from the ship above. They were coming quickly, too quickly for anything in space. Lines of black fog appeared behind the things as they flew through the black void of space. They grew larger as they neared. The crew members began to whisper among themselves. An alarm rang out and red lights pulsated in the room. “Something’s pierced the hull,” She said. Morris’s heart sank deep into the pit of his stomach. He swallowed the fear for now.

“Prepare yourselves for a fight!” Morris commanded.

And so they did. The crew members gathered weapons mounted on the walls. They took cover behind the terminals, weapons drawn. Morris did the same, aiming for the door as everyone else. I thought I’d never have to use this training. Silence. Until someone breathed. But no one did. Finally, a boom. Silence again. A shrill scream that made the crew jump. A beam shot through the metal door and made an awful shrill noise that shrieked through the room. It made a full circle and then stopped and disappeared. Nothing. Deafening. In a quick burst of energy, the door flew apart in every direction, instantly hitting a few of the crew. Bolts of energy from pulse weapons rang out on both sides. The perpetrators were invisible through a thick cloud of black smoke. He fired and fired, trying to hit where the bolts were coming from. Soon, he was the only one left firing. And even sooner, the weapon overheated and jammed. The smoke cleared.

Four men stood in the large doorway, one standing ahead of the others. He had long hair that reached to the base of his neck, only it flowed as if he was in space or underwater. Half of his head appeared to have been blown off. Brain matter levitated around the massive wound. All of them had parts of their bodies missing. Even when a leg was missing, they could still stand as if the limb was invisible. On closer inspection of the one who stood in front, Morris came to a realization. This was Grand Admiral Boro who died in a ship fuel accident. Or so he thought.

“Boro? How?” He asked.

“Why does it matter?” Boro said through struggling breaths.

Blood streamed down Boro’s chin. He looked around at all of the bodies.

“I do suppose I have a service of telling you why I attacked you. You poor and petrified creature. Justice for our empire. I know a secret about you,” He laughed with strained coughs.


Morris’s heart pounded.

“You brought an outside organization into our force. It is forbidden if you remember. Punishable by excommunicado. And if you’re intelligent enough, you’d know that that means killing you is legal to all under our military.”

“Don’t you see that as corrupt? Why kill everyone else instead of just me?” He asked.

“Rules are not corrupt! HPS outcasted me because of my obvious situation. You can no longer represent us, they said! They view me as a pest to squash rather than a reborn adversary. This should be my empire! And it will be.”

The warmth around Morris’s pistol dissipated. He drew quickly, firing bolts of energy at Boro. Boro disappeared and reappeared in a fit of black fog, each shot missed. Closer and Closer. A blade appeared in his hand as he conjured in front of Morris. Red energy ignited on the blade’s edge as he swiped up, flashes of energy sliced the pistol in half and the pieces fell to the floor with a clank. Boro gripped Morris’s throat. He watched the ground grow farther away as he was lifted into the air. Pain singed around his neck, throbbing. He tried to choke out breaths. Boro’s cold breath stabbed at Morris’s face.

“You’ll die a traitor,” Boro said.


Morris’s vision slowly faded to black. He heard distant whispers, watching a burning blackened fire burn in the distance. Dark robed women chanted and whispered around the fire. Boro dropped Morris’s dead body. They moved out in blackened fog.

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