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What does your soul tells u. Shhhhh listen to your body, just look deep into my eyes and a will be revealed!!!

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What one see can be the greatest

It can be in many ways! !

Your scent of perfume drives me crazy just like a vampire strong taste of blood. But the only taste I want is urs against your soft Caramel skin. And gaze upon your eyes. Vestiging u from ur neck to ur plush lips down your chin. Well, u know what happens next u falling limp in my arms, I’m throbbing. Imagine what I see in ur eyes the sense of wanting to feel the right true love the perfect way so no other will come after. Shhhhit’s okay. Don’t fight it that’s right slow keep looking in my eyes n u will see the truth of what it is that u want.

Follow the rhythm let our bodies be onthe same frequency. Don’t rush I’m all yours. Slow sucking on your neck slowly licking it. See I told u Ik what u desire most. Your most sexual desire u want it to be just perfect and worthwhile I see it I can sense it. Be patient it’s coming soon. Focus on the eyes see through to my soul take it take it take it take it let the bond be complete. Yes yes.

Don’t cry it’s okay, didn’t mean to the feelings I have it runs deep he is the boy feels with his soul not with the physical just don’t let gooo!!!!!!

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The End

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