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Hitler's Doubler was a very unknown man kept in secrets for long times but his story finally comes to light. This story was written only for the entertainment of you who is reading it and if you happen to like it please leave a review thank you so much. Unknown artist

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Ewald Bergmann

On the sixteenth of August 1899 Ewald Bergmann was born in Dortmund to the Bergmann family his father Raimund Bergmann and his mother Elda Richter, he had one sister Carla who he kept a good relationship for the time that he was with them. His father was a kind man and they very often went horse riding together. Ewald s Mather was a very strict woman and everyone followed her rules in the house. Their neighbours mowed in in the year 1905 their son Lukas Schreiber was Ewald s first best friend. His life however turned upside down when he was 15 years old on the 11th of November 1914 the first world war shook everyone Ewald s father was a important worker and was not enlisted at the start of the war, but his friend's father Daniels Schreiber was enlisted in the first month. Ewald would be enlisted to the army on the twentieth of August in 1916 four days after his 17th birthday. He would be put on the east front he once saw battlefield and was shot in his leg making him a bit disabled to his left leg. When the war was over he would be sent home. The coming days would be happy and sad Daniels Schreiber died in the war. his father survived the war ant they sencerly hoped that this was the war to end all wars.

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To be continued... New chapter Every Sunday.

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