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Under the roof of Households. Crimes are committed... Criminal ? Nobody knows.... Victims ? Emmm.... Witnesses ? Wanted... ...And under the roof of suspense. Joy is wanted Author’s Note | 「Each chapter is a story on itself. The number of possible chapters is unknown... Publishing is a daily possibility...」

Horror Not for children under 13.

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A one day adult..

She was an 18 years old girl alone at home on Halloween’s night, sitting in front of her TV, when she heard a loud noise coming from outside.

She ignored it because of the fact that she lives on the loudest avenue in the city, and even if, she can't do anything, her a girl who was just minor yesterday, alone at home, on a street where everyone hates her, except the old neighbour who knew her since birth, and after all, why do introverts need to care and worry about others? a good question with an obvious answer: They don't need to first and foremost. For such introverts, all people’s ways are blatantly vulgar.

She was watching a horror movie, eating some candy laying on the sofa. When Suddenly she heard a scream coming from somewhere certainly in the house because it wasn’t from the street and couldn't be the TV because she was still in the love and peace part. The scream got multiplied, from the North to the South it was coming, coming from everywhere!

Grudgingly, she stood up and went to the kitchen first. she found out a real mess. nothing was in order and it wasn't her doing! She was such a maniac who can't live in such a disorder. She wanted to reorganize, ammo, she remembered that she should take a look at the other parts of the house…

She went to her bedroom, her parents’, the office, the bathroom, the friends' room, the laundry room, and everywhere else in the house, and everything was messy. Something was certainly off.

Suddenly, the lights turned off, all the lights! surely enough that wasn't an electricity problem since the neighborhood's lights were still on. And it was still midnight…

She felt a shiver running down her spine, she was frightened ! It was like a Horror movie. Are her parents going to come and save her? Or will they call the Warrens from The Conjuring? She tought and hoped ...Damn she was still under the Influence of the films she was watching! Well, she needed a lightning gadget or at least her phone. While looking for her phone, she touched some chilly texture, just like somebody's dead skin! Surprised by her discovery she looked in front of her. In the darkness, she could see two glowing red dots looking like eyes. So frightening! She heard a sound resembling a smirk’s! was it a vampire? But vampires do not exist from what she learned! Were they lying? certainly not! Is she dreaming? don't think so, she still can feel the pain and the textures!

That somebody grabbed her hand and pulled her somewhere, till he threw her firmly and brutally that she got seriously injured. she was in a non-pair agony, she couldn’t focus, she was irritated by that discomfort, She was aching on her side, it was intense. Crying, sobbing, blubbering with no ability to stop. Feeling horribly like if thorns were piercing her head atrociously, viciously.

Pain was burning her head and all her body, it seemed that everything hurts too much, slowly, her senses started sending reports back to her brain: a hammer was lacerating her leg. The blood was seeping from everywhere. Pain felt like a sharp-toothed creature eating her from the inside, and blood seemed like a swamp devouring her from the outside. Why is life so cruel? why is it so painful? Is it karma? but she was still kind-hearted, she didn't do anything bad! Well, who cares? It feels like the end. She kept her eyes closed because of the frightening idea of being hurt again. She kept wincing and crying, until her ear was tickled by the sound of footsteps approaching her.

Then she was forced to open her eyes. She was to see the silhouette of someone with the glowing red eyes, but this time she could see the face, it was a psycho’s. She blanched, her belly cramped, both pain and terror tortured her, she couldn't suppress a shiver. Pain caught her body and fear tightened her soul. She was getting blind because of all the blood lost, she knew nothing more than that she was on the threshold of death. At least now, she's aware of what real terror is. Even it's quite too late because right now she's losing consciousness….

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To be continued...

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Aya B Une écrivaine en herbe. Une passionnée par l’écriture romanesque, poétique,... Hoping the career of a capable author...

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Kang'ara Mungai Kang'ara Mungai
It is fire 🔥 I can't wait for what's next
January 10, 2024, 06:36

  • Aya B Aya B
    Happy to hear that, thank you. January 11, 2024, 20:06
Shayla h Shayla h
I love horror and gore and all that and this was such a good read and only for the first chapter damn you are a good author excited for the rest to come out :)
October 23, 2023, 12:21

  • Aya B Aya B
    I'm thankful for your comment, that was pleasant. December 16, 2023, 12:36
Marilyn Lindoor Marilyn Lindoor
Not bad for a first chapter, full of intrigue and suspense. I like it, 😁 looking forward to the rest
July 18, 2023, 06:31

  • Aya B Aya B
    Pleased to reading your comment. Thank you. July 27, 2023, 12:11