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Lia (le-a) is 17 years old when her parents die, she’s on the run, willing to do anything to get money. When the avengers take her in will her life be normal?… or…. Does fate have other plans?….. (the events of endgame, infinite war, and no way home, do not take place)

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Lia walked down the streets her worn out jeans hot from the summer sun, it was an average day in New York. Bad traffic, loud noises everywhere, and the occasional swoosh of wind from the 'amazing avengers' . to be honest she didn't see what was so cool about them, yay, they can fly, yay, they beat a 'big scary bad guy' whatever. i bet I could take down a villain ten times that size.

As she got home she saw her sister laying face down on the floor, "Sarah?" She said concerned in what her sister was doing. No reply. "SARAH" she said with a more serious tone, still no reply "MOM! DAD! SARAH IS HURT!!!" no reply. she knew her parent were home they said they would be, she ran into the next room, her mother was leaning against the wall and her father half in the closet, there was blood everywhere. Her mom was dead, her dad was dead, her sister was dead. And she was alone.

-~{* lol sry for the REALLY short prolog, I just want to get on with the fist chapter I really only did this to inform you that her parents are dead. Lol*}~-

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