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Should a Queen really go to school?… prickle didn’t think so until she got placed in a winglet with quibble who she quickly fell in love with. She can feel the love but something isn’t right…. Something feels wrong… and she keeps getting strange nightmares of her mother…. —————— “I can’t let anyone els die.” She said. “What do you mean?! No one’s dead!” Moon shouted, “but they will be!” She yelled back. “Three moons.” Moon said under her breath. “Your the darkness of dragons.” Moon said quietly. “Your the stalker of dreams!” Moon yelled at her. “Your the talons of power and fire! Your the one who’s not what she seems!” Moon said, storming towards her. “Your army is coming to shake the earth! Your magic is going to scorch the ground!” “Moon-“‘ quibble said “Jade mountain will fall, beneath your thunder and ice!” “Moon- please-“ “and your trying to make the lost city of night not be found.”

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info: ⚠️gore, blood, vilent descriptions of blood/death, and slight cursing⚠️

a fanfick of wof!!!


princess prickle is queen scarlets daughter, at a young age prickle stabbed and killed ruby, puting queen scarlet in a depressed like state. queen scarlet then started the arena again to cope with her feelings and made prickle go everywhere with her so she could keep a close eye on her. queen scarlet caught the dod. when glory shot her venom queen scarlet used prickles tail to block the spray, prickle then killed her mother for ruining her perfect tail and locked peril in a dungon made of stone. she let the dod go but still dislikes glory, she helped them complete the prophecy, killing anyone who stood in there way. since prickle was only 5 at the age when she killed her mother and became queen, they envited her to jma. <jade mountain academy>

✨hope you enjoy the story✨


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