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In “Last Snack”, a fat man reeking of fried food and the only being in a roadside diner, will satiate his sexual desire in a very macabre way when a beautiful girl enters his diner that was already closing.

Short Story For over 18 only.

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Last Snack

There was nobody else in that dirty snack bar by the side of the road; the fat man was about to close the door and turn off the lights of the room. Nobody passed along that road after 09:00pm, and he frequently locked everything up and went to his house located past the kitchen of the restaurant.

As he approached the doors of the place to close them, the fat, filthy man, with smell of fries, noticed a woman moving towards the snack bar.

It was a young girl around seventeen years old, wearing a small dress with floral pattern, which showed off her shaped legs and round breasts. She had her hazel hair held with a blue rubber band; she did not have expressive looks, though her face looked serious and attractive.

He opened the door to let her in, and immediately smelled the scent of country flowers. She stepped in without saying a word, and chose a table the farthest possible from the entrance, so that no one but the clients of the bar could see her.

He did the best he could to clean his hands with his stained apron, then took a pad of paper from the pocket of his pants, and walked towards the girl, to take note of her order.

She did not seem to be surprised to see that heavy man in front of her, and she replied to the man´s looking face with a smile, showing that everything was alright.

— What´s your order, madam?

— I don´t know…I`ll start with a soda with some lemon drops, if that´s okay with you, of course!

He took her order, and while he was heading back for the counter, he glanced at the girl´s well-shaped legs. At the kitchen, he opened the soda, squeezed the lemon the best he could – thinking why someone would order such thing –, when his lonely and erotic thoughts came out again.

That fat man has not had any sexual intercourse with any human being ever since he opened up his restaurant quite long ago.

His happiest moments consisted of masturbating, while looking at old porn magazines, after closing the bar every night. Since nobody dared to walk along that desert and unsafe road, and neither drop in his bar at that time of night, he couldn´t help but suspect that that young girl did not belong to that region and was unaware of the risks she was taking.

Back to the table where the girl was sitting, the fat man saw her hold a cigarette, as she was putting, in the juke box, a song that had not been played there since the opening of that bar. He knew all the cds and songs contained in that juke box, but that one chosen by the girl was, by far, the least liked in that place. Who on earth would listen to Jelly Roll Morton featuring Pep, from 1929, especially a girl with such looks?

He looked to the door to see if somebody else had come in with that girl, but all he could see were the neon lights of the sign of the bar,2 kilometers away. She had not come by car, something unusual for a girl like that.

— Here you are.

— Thank you. My name is Júnia, and yours is….

He could feel the sweat around his neck and did not answer immediately.

— Marcus, my name is Marcus…

— It is a beautiful name, Marcus.

She smiled at him again, took a sip of the soda, and, with the cigarette in her hands, she held the hand of the fat man, took him to the table where she was sitting, looked straight into his eyes – he was sweating a lot more now –, and said:

— Please, don´t be afraid. My car broke down some meters away from here, and I don´t know how I will have it fixed.

— Oh, sure, that´s what I thought. Do not worry, though, many mechanics pass by this bar in the early morning.

— Good. What time will you close?

— Well, I…was about to close. I don´t have many clients at this time of night.

The man was feeling rather confortable with the girl´s hand over his haired arm; her smile was exciting him, but not enough to make his small dick horny. He pulled in a chair, sat down face to face with the girl- that immediately crossed her legs in perfect synchronicity -, making the fat man sweat even more.

— You don´t see many girls around here, do you?

— Well … how …

— Don´t be ashamed, I know when a man hasn´t got laid for a long time.

— Well, it is….

— Just relax, I don’t think there´s someone else in here, isn´t it?

— No, only the two of us.

— Nice.

The man now had a cold sweat, and soon perceived that that woman could make her living in an easy way; thought, too, that she perfectly met his needs, and not possibly having any money at all, she would do anything she could to get some.

She then started to stroke his arms without saying a word, and soon after, she was kissing that man, noticing that not only his smell but his taste resembled her of fries.

The man was then encouraged to lick the girl´s nipples, while, in retribution, she tried to fetch his dick to touch it. She had serious but attractive looks, and as soon as she opened the zipper of the man´s pants, she could see how small his dick was, though it did not bother her at all. When she slotted it into her mouth and licked it over and over, the man began to shiver as if there was no tomorrow. It did not take long for the man´s groan turn into a dread scream, since the girl, now with eyes in orange, pierced her long nails into the fat man´s skin.

When he tried to push her away, he could see that, somehow, she was trying to suck in his blood. Immediately, with his eyes closed, he shoved her fiercely onto the ground, where she lay down with her legs opened, which made her cunt be seen. He then looked at her again, and, to his surprise, her eyes were not orange anymore, and his dick was not hurting as he had thought it would be.

Not completely aware of what was happening, the girl sat back at the table, not before asking the man if he disapproved of what she had done. He embarrassedly apologized. She smiled back at him, at the same time that she opened her legs again, while she sat at the table, showing off her pussy one more time.

— Do you want to do it to me? – she asked.

The fat man bent down holding his dick again and began to lick the girl at once; she now held his head so tight that he could not get rid of her anymore. She was exhaling so intensely that he could not help but lick her faster and faster, up to a point that he felt the taste of blood in his mouth.

She did not let him escape from her hands; he could then feel something cut his tongue, while he had his skull carved by the girl´s nails. His groan turned into a frightening shout (once again), but, at this time, he failed to break away.

He noticed the orange eyes back to the girl again, and instead of a tongue, the girl had a cobra-like limb, and, though her hair looked like Medusa´s, she had flaming chains, not snakes, in it.

He tried to scream when his tongue was torn out, but the sound was too low, and there was nothing but blood spit throughout his apron.

After the man stopped screaming, the girl stepped back gently to show the fat man that her pussy was now something like a mouth, the mouth of a piranha, but with a lot more sharpened tooth.

He did try to shout again, but his head was chopped up by that sharpened-teeth mouth (now three times bigger), while his blood gushed out over that cruel and sexy demon.

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The End

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