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King Cosmic is the superhero alter ego of Dillion Westham, an awkard African-American. Emerging powers, The New Protectors, Antonio? Life is a lot when your a 15 year old superhero isn't it.

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Chapter 1: Becoming

My childhood......where did it all go?? Well that's simple, I chose to give it all up. I chose this life and I don't regret it at all.

How it all started...well that is complicated, but not impossible to explain.

It started years ago, when I was 5.

Tuesday 18 December 2014

I was playing with my toys, my mom walked in with my dad holding her on the shoulder. They smiled as they looked at me. My father then started to frown. I drove my car into a wall. It was like I could sense it. I looked at my dad. My mom opened her mouth but no words came out. The my father told me. He said "Son we are moving to New York." I couldn't believe it. I started to float in the air and suddenly I looked like I went to the gym 24/7. I was enraged, my mom and dad just looked at me in horror. " YOU CAN'T KEEP DOING THIS I'M TIRED OF MOVING. SAN DIEGO, SAN FRANSISCO, BOSTON AND SAN ANTONIO, HOW MANY MORE TIMES?!" I screamed. My father looked at me and stared me down. I could feel my angry leaving me. As I started to descend my father pointed at the window. Outside was my Uncle Jackson. Usually dad sent me to Uncle Jackson's farm when he was mad at me.. This time, by the look on his face, I could tell that this was permanent. I started to pack my bags, I looked at my bookshelf. At the picture of my family. I picked it up, put in my bag and walked out of the door. My dad was holding back his tears, I could tell. My mom however ran up to me and hugged me. "You can come back when you feel like it, ok?"

she said. I hugged her and looked her in the eyes. With a heavy heart, I opened the door and got in the truck. "Yer know kid, it won't be that bad" my uncle said. "Yeah," I replied " It's totally not like you live 2,098 miles away."

Uncle Jackson turned away and continued driving

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