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krep Mason Whalen

Neddison Eddison has been through a lot of misery in his life, but eventually it gets better and then his life becomes pretty boring, doing the same thing everyday, over and over and over. But one day he accidentally ruined everything from one simple guilty pleasure.

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         There once was a man, his name was Neddison Eddison, or Ned for short. His whole life he would always wear a t-shirt and jeans. He is slightly overweight, and has a greasy face and greasy hair. To be honest, he just looks like a rapist. Also, He is a sex addict, and is pretty careless as well, he doesn't really try at all, but things always seem to turn out well for him anyway. In fact, pretty much the only things he cares about is friends, some family, money, and porn.

         When he was in school he only had a few friends, but he was really smart and made wonderful grades. When he got out of high school, he got into one of the best colleges in the country, but he ended up getting lazy and dropping out. He was on the streets for a few months but eventually found someone who wanted to hire him, and he became a hazardous waste worker, removing toxic chemicals from the environment. 

         At age 22 he found himself a girl who was desperate enough to marry such a disappointment to society. His wife, Alexis, looked like an attractive stripper, and had long brown hair. She would pretty much go along with anything her husband would tell her. So they got married, yes at age 22, and after they got married they had a child, once again -yes at age 22. Alexis, had her baby when she was 20 years old, Ned was 23 years old. They named their baby girl, Echo. Five years had gone by, and Neddison is 28. His life is pretty boring now and a bit too normal. Until one day...

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