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Mason's trip through Insanity

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Daddy's Little Bitch

(It is recommended that you read Eyes of a Dead Man first. Otherwise this may not make sense.)

   Our story begins with a boy named Keagan getting shot in the head.  He got shot because he was a dick who was bullying the author while trying to write. Of course, Keagan didn't know that actually roasting someone is making fun of their personality, not making fun of their looks, because he is just a worthless piece of trash who nobody likes. Luckily, the author decides what happens in this world and he said that Keagan should die.

   Enough of that, he isn't important.

   Mason was a young boy around 9. He had short blond hair, and looked as if he one day planned to rape someone. Ironically, he spent most of his time in his father's rape dungeon. Every day when his daddy would get home, Mason would be forced to have sex with his father. 

   "Moan like a little girl!", cried the nasty old man. Mason just did what he was told.

   His dad always made him do horrible things in the basement like dress up as a  girl or make Mason beg for daddy to stop raping him. Mason led a sad existence. But one day, the police somehow found out what Mason was being subjected to and they arrested the father. Sadly, after the father was taken to court over it, they decided that Mason would now be legally able to stay with his father once more. The judicial branch is made up of autistic ten year olds and people with alzheimers. So after about another month of Mason getting daddy's cock, something happened that would change his life forever.


   "You hear about the thing on the news?", said Jayden.

   Jayden was black. He had black hair, black skin, and his personality was black. He didn't constantly say "nigga" though, so it made him tolerable.

   "The trial with the little boy who was raped by his dad?", asked Ikusei.

   Ikusei was the leader of a gang Called Satan's Dick Ring. However, at this time their gang was very small. Only about ten people.

   "Yea, dawg. They made him go back to live with his dad."

   "That's retarded.", said Josh. 

   Josh was a major flirt. He wasn't attractive, quite the opposite, but he knew how to make a girl feel good about herself. He was the king of kissing ass. He could talk anyone into anything using his silver tongue, and his flirtatious nature. He had dirty blond hair, and always wore a lack jacket with a collar rising from the jacket that reached his chin, along with a black fedora, khakis, and in the winter, a black wool trench coat.

   "THAT'S A BAD WORD", screamed Cunter as he'd vigorously masturbate while looking at Josh.

   Cunter's real name was Hunter, but nobody like him, and they always called him a cunt, therefore the nickname "Cunter" was created. Cunter had short blond hair, and grey balls. He was often naked as well.

   "Did you see his face when the judge told him that he had to go back?", asked Jayden.

   "Yea. It was hard to watch.", said Josh shaking his head. "Poor Mason. Me and him used to be good friends."

   "Rape rectum radish redrum.", said Jimmy laughing. Everyone else laughed.

   "Wait, do you guys know where he lives?", asked Ikusei.


   "My dick fell off"

   "Alright, how about we rescue the poor guy?"

   "Why though? He mean something to you?", asked Jayden, picking his bellybutton, pulling out a jellybean, then eating it.

   "I'm bored, okay?"

   "Touche", replied Jayden pulling a Twizzler out of his bellybutton, then swallowing it hole.

   "Well, we going, guys? I'm not bringing all of you, though. I'm just bringing Jimmy, Josh, and Jayden. Cunter is staying."


   "Then it's settled! Let's go!"

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