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Dexter Sazuke

Ichigo was a happy girl living in a quiet village until one day some strange men appear in the village.

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Welcome to the Rice Fields Mother F@cker!

(It is recommended that your read Eyes of a Dead Man prior to reading this, or some aspects may not make sense.)

   Ichigo was a happy little girl. She was born on a rice farm and had been there for years. Her and her family were part of a little village called Fookayo in Japan. The people in the village were still back in the bronze age and did not yet have electricity and technology available to them. Ichigo was only five at the time, but she spoke fluent Japanese and helped her parents while working in the rice fields.  She walked into the house one day with a basket full of rice. Her father followed after her. 

   "My, my. Look at all that rice.", said her mother, giggling. Her mother was currently making rice balls.

   Ichigo never really talked much. She never felt the desire to talk to anyone unless spoken to. 

   "Yep. Looks like tasty rice too, doesn't it?", said her father putting his four baskets on the kitchen counter, then giving his wife a kiss.

   "Did you hear yet? About the men circling the village?", she asked her husband.

   "What?! What do you mean?!"

   "They have guns.. I'm a bit worried.."

   "I'll go get mine..", said the old man, running up the stairs to grab his musket. To these people, a musket was a modern gun. They had not yet seen what modern guns really were. "I'll kill them if they so much as lay a single foot in this house."


   "Why the hell are we here, again?", groaned Ikusei. Ikusei was wearing a red tiki mask and a long black trench coat.

   "We need more bitches. We're here to get bitches.", said Vlad, turning the safety off on his tommy gun. "They got some nice bitches here, and they aren't advanced enough to put up a decent fight." Vlad and Ikusei would be accompaned by several men that were wearing black shirts and pants. Vlad walked in front of the group and would stand and begin barking orders. "Kill any men who wouldn't be useful. Take any hot bitches, kill the ugly ones. Take any underage ones and they can work in one of our sweatshops until they are at the age that they can legally get the cock. Kill any old ladies, we don't need them. Any men who aren't useful, kill them as well. Kill any animals as well, unless they are a cute bunny or puppy or something. Lastly, take any doctors with us. We need more doctors."

   "Yes, Sir!", said most of the men in sync.

   "Oooh, I can't wait for some bitches...", said Edgyboi licking his lips.

   "Edgyboi, shut up. We ALL know your gay.", said Ikusei as everyone began to run into the village, yelling at everyone to get down on the ground. Those who wouldn't comply got shot.


   "Here you go, Hannah. Tell your mommy I said hello.", said Suki smiling as he'd hand a little girl a basket of herbs.

   "Thank you Mister Suki!", the little girl would giggle as she'd begin to turn around as a bullet would come from seemingly nowhere and go through her head. She immediately go limp and fall to the ground.

   "Seriously? The Boss said not to kill any young girls! You idiot!"

   Suki quickly hid under the counter he was standing behind, hoping not to get caught by them. Suki was the only person in the village who wasn't still in the stone age. He came from Tokyo planning to help some people in the village out. He thought that they could use a modern doctor to help them out. Plus, he was rather tired of every day life in the modern world. He didn't enjoy dealing with people back in Tokyo.

   The door would open and audible footsteps would get closer to Suki.

   "I know I saw someone else in here.."

   "You sure? Looks deserted."

   One of the men would slam the butt of their gun onto the top of the counter and they'd begin barking orders for Suki to show himself. Suki, out of fear of dying would stand up with his hands in the air, surrendering.

   "Yea, good boy... You're a doctor, right? Come with us."

   "I'm also a scientist."

   "Even better! Follow us!"

   The soldiers led him about a mile away from the village where there'd be several black vans. They throw him into one, and several others would soon follow. A few teenage girls, and one little girl. Her name was Ichigo. After about an hour of gunshots, screaming, and crying, everything would go quiet as all the men would return, getting in the front of the vans and driving off. They had a long journey ahead. They had to make it to America.

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