Yusuf Pelumi

He was his childhood crush, they played dity games in the play house when no one was watching, but depart growing up and now Cat has no choice but to act as a boy after spending one night stand with a stranger.

Romance Erotic For over 18 only.

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On his bed.

Fear round her throat, dragging her into ghastly flashback. She clutched the soft fabric of his sweater with her finger the warm from his body penetrating the caile, bending his head he kissed her temple mouth,he Pulled her closer. She opened her mouth to demand that he retarded her but the words never formed. His hand kept in her hair and pulled her hair back. His mouth hovered a few inches from her. Every nerve ending inside her was crying for his touch as another part of her sareerched a warning.

Please stop.

His thumb traced a path over her cheeks, his fingers moved to her nape and pressed gently.

Don't be scared am not gonna hurt you. He told her, she does not know him, he was a stranger, and now she was on his bed can't ignore his touch,she moves towards him trying to ignore the anticipation burning inside her and she tucked her head into the crook of his neck.

She bite her lips, his hand crept up her back, circle her nape,pulled her into his hard body with a force that knocked the breath out of her. Her breast crushed the wall of his chest, she grasp as he crushed her mouth with his....warm and softly, his lips flushed against her lower lips. He pressed his advantage, his tongue invading her mouth,erotic as it duled with her own and the intoxicating taste of him exploded inside her mouth. Heat unlike anything she'd never know slithered low and furious in her belly curling into pinkpricks of pleasure all over. He plundered her mouth, drew her tongue into his mouth,his actions almost savage a moan escaped her as she nipples her lower lip, his harsh breathing puncturing the sexual cloud fighting her senses. She tilted her head away from him to pull some air, and his mouth trailer over her jaw towards her neck. She cupped his jaw, the pads of her thumbs tracing the groove around his mouth.

Stranger, get a grip or I swear. He cupped her face, his gaze blazing, he ran a hand over her trembling lips.



Cat. His thumb flicked her lower. He pulled her hard into his body, his hand curled around her nape.

Did you have an idea now ? His hand moves up to her bare arm. I want to kiss you again, I want to rip this dress of you and bury myself inside you. A tremor traveled from her nape to her toe.

She turned to the other side of the bed and pulled the blanket of her head trying to get back to sleep after all she had short night, then all the sudden the blanket was pulled away from her as she panic.

Hey get up. A voice yell, she was naked and this unknown voice yelling at her to get up was something else.


She look around, it was the same man who called her last night that her attention was needed and now staring at her naked ness as she sit up then he threw few money at her.

Get dress and get the hell out of here. He said.

Where is he?

Don't ask too much questions and get the hell out of here. She was told and she hate herself for this, that bastard took her for a whore and she had believe his lies, she rise up pack her scattered clothes and washed out of the room leaving the money.

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