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The Legendary Dragon

The village of Raczante a place where you can live in peace without worrying about being reached by the war nor dangerous creatures. My hometown is a place that is surrounded by a big forest and mountains, so if you don’t know the right way to come here, you will be lost and perhaps, you might be attacked by some monsters that hide in the depths of the enchanted forest that surrounded us.

The people of Raczante are very grateful with this land, that allows them to live peacefully. I don’t know very well, but I’ve heard that this world, the world where I live in, has held wars for too much time even before my mother was born. They say that the five great nations are always fighting among themselves to get more territories, resources, and manpower. The elders say that those armies take the women of those villages to rape them, or make them slaves. The men are taken to work in their copper mines, and the children are killed. When I heard that for the first time I couldn’t believe because since I was born, I’ve lived here and I’ve never seen something like that before. I can’t image how a war might be, however I always think if they’d come here, I’d defend this village and my mother with my own life if it’s necessary.

“Hey Simon, what are you doing there?”

“Aa-h, sorry I was talking to myself Trea.”

“Sure, I came for you because your mom was starting to worry about where you might be, you know besides, she told me that you were supposed to bring the water from that water well,” she said.

Trea, this beautiful woman who is standing in front of me. She is a gorgeous girl with a slender body, she is pretty tall for being a woman, like 5,9 feet I think. Her blue eyes seem to see through me every time I see her directly. She is very kind and strong as well, of course she would be, since she is a mighty knight.

“Ah sorry, I was just thinking about some things” I said.

“Like what?” she seemed curious about that because she was making some weird expressions.

“You know, like thinking about the world where we live in. I was just thinking about all those wars that are holding around the world right now. while we are here talking about it.”

When I said that, her face looked to the ground and turned dark. I think I shouldn’t have talked about it, since she had been in those wars however, I’m the only person in the village who knows about it. That is her secret. She was a fierce warrior that fought in those battles for long time until she couldn’t take it anymore and decided to leave the battlefield.

“Trea, sorry for bring it up that topic, I knew you could be affected by that.” I tried to choose my words to not hurt her anymore.

She raised her face and gave me a smile.

“Don’t worry Simon, I know you didn’t mean that, it’s just that I remembered some things that shouldn’t be remember anymore.”

I filled the pail up with water and headed with Trea to the village. While we walked to the village, Trea told some stories about her adventures as a knight. Some of them were very fascinating. For example, she told me that once, she fought a powerful orc that was terrorizing a little town. She almost died fighting him. She told me that orcs are very strong and if one day I fight one, it would be better to escape from him unless I have a good plan for fighting it back.

She told me as well that elves are very smart, so I should be careful with them because they might trick you with their illusions aside the fact, that they use a powerful ancient magic.

When we were about to arrive to the village I told her.

“Wow, you have been in serious problems, your stories are always the best.”

“Haha, I know, right? Nonetheless, there is a story that is more impressive than all of those. Do you want to know?” she said with a tone of mystery

“Yeah! I really want hear it. I mean, it has to be something very cool, doesn't it?”

“Haha, Simon you are really funny. I really enjoy the expressions you do. When I tell you my stories your blue eyes seem like they are shining.”

I blushed for a moment, but I kept waiting for the story she promised me.

“Oh right, this is the story that was told by some wise elder long ago, it says that there is a legendary dragon who lives in the edge of this ancient world. He is not like other dragons you can see, or fight. It looks like, if you kill that dragon that brings misery to the world, a wish will be granted by God; any kind of wish.”

While she was telling her story I noticed that her eyes were shining with desire. It seemed like she really believed that story, her smile was true. She often smiled, but not like this time. I wonder why?

“Do you really believe in that Trea?” I asked.

She glanced me and said.

“The person who told me this tale, was a very good friend of mine. I have no doubts about it, but I understand that you can’t believe. I mean, I couldn’t believe it until certain things happened to me.”

Who was the person who told her that? I wonder, and what are those things that happened. I’m curious about it, but I just can’t ask her. Instead, I asked her what would she do, if she could kill the dragon and ask for a wish.

“Well Simon, if I could kill the dragon and ask for a wish, I would wish that the wars don't exist and this world would remain in peace forever.”

With that said, the conversation ended, not because she didn’t want to talk about it, but because we had arrived to the village. We didn't notice, however by the time we got home, the night had arrived.

In front of the gates, my mother was waiting with Reina. Both looked like worried.

“Simon! What have you been doing all this time? My mother asked very worried.

“Sorry mother, I was just bringing the water as you told me, but I got distracted for a while and forgot about it.” I said trying to make excuses. I know that that is bad, but for now, it’s the only thing I came up with

“Thanks God Trea found you. I was so worried about you being attacked by a black bear or some fairies that live in the forest.” My mother said.

“Yes! you are a fool Simon. You could have been killed there, you know?”

Reina said while trying to contain her laugh. I knew she was mocking me we have been friends since we were kids and she just likes to bother people. She knew where I was going to go since the beginning. I didn’t know why she didn’t say anything to my mother. This little girl.

"Do not worry Adellia, your son was doing his duty. It was just me that I started to tell him my stories and because of that, we lost the notion of time."

Trea said while giving me a little smile. She is very kind to me.

Not like others who are just trying to find the moment to mock people.

“Simon, next time I send you to do something, just do it and come quickly because the next time I will punish you, right?”

I noddle quietly. Then, my mother took the pail with the water and headed home. We followed her and waited until the dinner would be ready. Trea, Reina and I waited patiently in the table while telling stories or jokes.

When the dinner was ready, we sat around the table and ate the freshly cooked meat. My mother managed to trade some of our milk for this beef. So, this was the first time we have eaten something like this in a while.

After the dinner ended Trea and Reina went home. Reina lived like three house before mine and Trea lived in the highest place where there was a house so, Trea could look out for us, if something occurred.

Before going to sleep the words that Trea told me made echo inside my head. –A world without wars-

“I wish her desire could come true because Trea would be very happy.”

Saying that, I fell asleep.

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