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If you're looking for a new cereal, you've probably already seen Golden Crisp and Honey Smacks on the box. There are many boxes with frogs on the box, it is because kids like them.

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A History of Cereal With Frog on Box

If you're looking for a new cereal, you've probably already seen Golden Crisp and Honey Smacks on the box. But what about Dig'em Frog? Did you know that there are several other kinds of cereal that feature frogs? Read on to discover some of them. There's also a history of the frog on box cereals. And if you love frogs, you'll want to try some of these.

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Dig'em Frog

The Dig'em Frog is one of Kellogg's cereal icons. Now, you can own your own version with this adorable pin. It features gold-colored hardware and a built-in stand. It is approximately 4 inches tall. The frog was first featured on the cereal box in the 1970s and has since been replaced by other cereal icons.

The Dig'Em Frog was first introduced in 1972. He was a green frog wearing a baseball cap. However, he was replaced by Wally the Bear in 1986, who was thought to better represent the honey cereal. However, in the 1990s, Dig'Em Frog returned to Kellogg's Honey Smacks cereals as a mascot. In the past, kids have often played "chase" with the frog, and the frog usually won. He is also known as "Charly," which is Swiss for "frog".

In 1990, Kellogg's shortened the cereal's name to "Smacks," but fans still referred to it as Honey Smacks. In 2004, the brand changed its name back to Honey Smacks in the U.S. and some other markets. The name has stuck in some markets, but it has undergone several mascot changes in the meantime.

Golden Crisp

Golden Crisp is a brand of breakfast cereal made by Post Consumer Brands. It consists of puffed wheat with a sweet coating made of candy. It is famous for its high sugar content. The cereal was first introduced in the U.S. in 1948. Its iconic frog was called Dig'em, and it was featured in commercials featuring children.

The box for the Golden Crisp cereal with a frog on it shows a cute frog on it, which is the mascot of the cereal. However, the cereal has been linked to salmonella contamination. This outbreak caused more than 100 illnesses in 36 states. However, no deaths were reported.

Golden Crisp has been renamed a few times. Originally, it was known as Sugar Smacks. But Kellogg's changed it to Honey Smacks in the 1990s. The brand is still popular today, but the frog's face on the box has been changed a few times. Many companies use kraft material for their cereal boxes.

Another frog-themed cereal is Honey Smacks. This product is known for its sweet puffed wheat flavor. The frog has been renamed Honey Smacks, but its frog is not the first frog-themed cereal to appear on the box. Its name was changed in the 1970s after it was revealed to have health benefits. People with diabetes may complain about having sweet urine. This is caused by the presence of excess glucose.

Honey Smacks

Honey Smacks cereal is a round, puffed wheat cereal that was covered in honey and resembled cardboard. It had a frog on the box and was available in limited quantities. This popular cereal was introduced in 1953. Although the name was changed several times, the frog has stuck around as the cereal's mascot. The company has been making Honey Smacks for decades, but some countries don't recognize it by its original name.

The Dig'em Frog was originally a mascot for the Smacks brand of cereal. He was also known as Cliffy the Clown and Smaxey the Seal. These characters were used in television commercials and were also used for the original Sugar Smacks cereal. The frog was used again in the early 1980s when the cereal was renamed Honey Smacks. It was puffed wheat round cereal with a frog on the box and had a prize inside.

Honey Smacks cereal has used mascots for decades. In the 1950s, Cliffy the Clown starred in the ads and danced the Sugar Smack Swing. From 1956 to 1961, Smaxey the Seal appeared on the box. In the 1970s, the company brought back the frog to the box.

Honey Smacks is one of Kellogg's most popular cereals, but it is still a controversial product. Although it's a popular brand, many nutritionists are still wary of it. A frog on the box is not always a reliable mascot, but it still represents an iconic brand that many people grew up with.

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